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  1. On Topic: I usually just get really close to winning and then boom. I blow up. Failure. Lolz. Off Topic: Notice how more people reply to topics if it's simply easy to answer or just has a bunch of people who already replied. Mostly because it's easy to answer and such.
  2. I need time so just for fun... I'll tell you how I came across digimon. Fast and breezy. I was roaming around the library when I noticed digimon. At first, I decided to skip on it. The next, I was like, "What the heck?" and I borrowed. I watched it on the television and it seemed, at first, a bit cool. I went off to watch it on youtube and that's it. I don't really watch it these days, by the way.
  3. .... I'm almost completely sure I'm so late. It's worth a try... Username: LittleTinyDragon Why you like AC: It's fun and entertaining. It's an endless game (ahhh all endless games are fun) and it seems like there are forever challenges. (Too bad the glitches) Anyways... has anyone got the same neighbor twice? (Lol... you live long there or glich or maybe for some weird odd reason)
  4. Minecraft: I was bored so I randomly dug a hole straight through bedrock and fell out of the world in creative mode. Then I realized that I had lost the book I was working on.
  5. I have a question: I'm a so-called newbie and I'm not sure how exactly you get a bronze trophy. What I mean is that I'm not sure if the 12 limit thing is something that counts for dragons total all of them (eggs/hatchlings/adults). So because of that, I'm unsure if I should get more than 2 eggs at a time. I'm also unsure if I can get more than 12 dragons or if it just means 12 total hatchlings (i'm not sure if you can even get 12 hatchlings at once lol) or if it's just outdated. THANKS!