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  1. Granted, but they kill you. I wish that I can never die except out of suicide.
  2. Granted, but of course, it's five weeks old with worms crawling about on top of it. I wish everyone came back to Earth-to keep me from going insane.
  3. Granted, but he ends up so smart he begins to plot evil, secret, and destructive plans against the world, for absolutely no reason but from boredom. I wish that the Earth became intact again, as I revive once more without suffocating.
  4. I have a feeling that my wish was granted twice. So I will grant two wishes (wow, if only it was three). Wish 1: Granted, but your inexperience of flight causes you to plummet to your death. Wish 2: Granted, but it creates an incredible amount of spam. It also decides to shout it out loudly instead with your voice. I wish I revived on an exploded Earth.
  5. Granted, but a magic spell makes it real. I wish the Earth exploded, and I died.
  6. Granted, but soon you end up addicted; bankruptcy, a life of zero friends, an unhealthy life, and others follow right after. I wish the Sun exploded, everyone survived, and a new Sun came to replace the old one.
  7. Uhm. Don't you mean 34,285? Anyway, 34,286
  8. I, LittleTinyDragon, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. The word "Unnamed" will never exist for me.