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  1. congrats to my friend who i watched summon over video call for the first time and get the GoN on the first try




    This. I am that "my friend". >.> What should I say? ^^ That I'm grateful to the world for this gift? I'm honestly lost. Anyway, *dances in a corner*.


    Edit: Hiding it right now. I'm not one for risks when it comes to rare and valuable things.

  2. I feel amazingly lucky right now.


    First try, got a GoN. >.> Honest. You can go ask my friends, one was a witness to the whole thing, and they play dragon cave too.


    I cannot believe this right now. Everything I post here is a complete understatement. I feel so bad for everyone else though, they've been doing it for forever and still can't get even one, so my situation is IMMENSELY awkward and happy right now.

  3. Granted, it becomes so soft you die of "over-sleeping".


    And if you do happen to wake, you can't even get up, because gravity and the lack of exercise.


    I wish that the bout of coughs I've been having recently stopped.

  4. Granted, but such huge chunks begin to rain down that it falls on people, killing them. You are one of the first to die. ^^


    I wish that the person second below from this post gets bit by a snake, revives, and then sees this post.