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    Request for breeding 2G Prizes/holiday prizekin is OPEN!

    Dragon: Ruffle Scarlet ( https://dragcave.net/view/ZAuj7 )

    Standard Price: 1 CB Aeon/1 CB Blusang/2 CB Cantormaris (egg or hatchie is okay)

    Other prices:

    [2g Prize count:how many to pay]

    1:3 - Lvl1 Urgent (egg/hatchie)
    1:2 - Lvl2 Urgent (egg/hatchie)
    1:1 - Lvl3 Urgent (egg/hatchie)
    4:1 - Ult Urgent (egg/hatchie)
    1:4 - For Freezing (hatchie prefer)
    1:8 - Army [applicable to messies ONLY] (hatchies only)
    1:6 - Lvl1 Balancing (hatchies only)
    1:4 - Lvl2 Balancing (hatchies only)
    1:2 - Lvl3 Balancing (hatchies only)
    3:1 - Lvl4 Balancing (hatchies only)
    1:3 - Alt Farms (eggs only)

    <updated as of 08/18/2020>

    Current URGENT wishlist:

    Lvl 1
    male CB Aeria Gloris Dragon x8
    female CB Aeria Gloris Dragon x7
    male CB Ash Dragon
    female CB Azure Glacewing Dragon
    male CB Blue-Banded Dragon x7
    female CB Blue-Banded Dragon x7
    male CB Candelabra Dragon x7
    female CB Candelabra Dragon x7
    male CB Canopy Dragon x5
    female CB Canopy Dragon x3
    male CB Cassare Dragon
    male CB Common Pygmy x7
    female CB Common Pygmy x7
    male CB Greater-Spotted Drake

    Lvl 2
    male CB Balloon Dragon x7
    female CB Balloon Dragon x6
    male CB Coastal Waverunner x3
    female CB Coastal Waverunner x6
    male CB Avea Pygmy x8
    female CB Avea Pygmy x8
    2nd Gen male Carina Dragon from Tan Ridgewing x8
    2nd Gen female Carina Dragon from Tan Ridgewing x8
    2nd Gen male Ultraviolet Dragon
    2nd Gen female Ultraviolet Dragon
    2nd Gen female Shallow Water Dragon

    Lvl 3
    2nd Gen Dorkface [any dragon]
    2nd gen Thuwed
    3rd+ Gen pink-colored lineages

    Ult: Word Code (numbers/mixed caps okay) "Yuno", "Lucas", "Ryoba", "Ayano", "Sanpi", "Gasai"

    Alt Farms - Need CBs
    Dark Green (aka Vine)

    Balancing List - Need CBs / 2G Hybrids
    **Rarity is based on Wiki on day of update

    Lvl1 (Commons)

    Albino Dragon - 6F, 7M
    Almerald Dragon - 6F, 7M
    Aqualis Dragon - 7F, 6M
    Aranoa Dragon - 7F, 7M
    Black Tea Dragon - 5F, 6M
    Blacktip Dragon - 6F, 4M

    Lvl2 (Uncommons/Hybrids)

    Amalthean Dragon - 8F (M Undine x F White), 6M (M White x F Undine)
    Baikala Dragon [Green] - 7F, 7M
    Baikala Dragon [Blue] - 6F, 7M
    Bauta Dragon - 7F, 7M
    Black Truffle - 7F, 7M

    Lvl3 (Rares/Color Dependents)

    Alcedine Dragon [Blue] - 6F, 6M
    Alcedine Dragon [Red] - 6F, 6M

    Lvl4 (Ult Rares)

    For Freezing:
    female, ungendered Silver Dragon
    ungendered Thunder Dragon
    ungendered Ice Dragon
    ungendered and winged Magma Dragon
    ungendered and winged Gold Dragon
    ungendered and matured blue, purple, green, red, and yellow Dinos

    Collecting for Army (even messy):
    Nebulas [all colors open]
    Pink Dragons
    Avea Pygmies
    Rift Wyrms
    Aria Dragons
    Antarean Dragons
    Aeon Wyverns
    Hellfire dragons
    Glitterballs (Soulpeace) [NOT anymore. The new sprites are a repulse to me]
    Vampire [least importance]

    Collecting CBs for PB EG high gen breeding:
    Dark Green (Vine)