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Scroll, Wishlist, DeviantARTi allow IOUs up to 1 year ONLY.41Fmt1C.gifweDVFHs.gifX0QJALH.gifLuE5JC4.gif30uah75.jpgn20ep2.gif2rhr9te.gif

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    updated as of 11/29/19

    Current URGENT wishlist:
    male CB Gold Dragon
    female CB Azure Glacewing Dragon
    female CB Dark Lumina Dragon
    female CB Plated Colossus
    female CB Purple Siyat Dragon
    female CB Storm Dragon
    UNLIMITED CB female Aria / CB Nebulas (all colors)
    male and female CB Winter Dragons
    2nd Gen Thuwed [any dragon is okay]
    2nd or 3rd Gen Dorkface [any dragon]
    3rd Gen DorkWed (2nd gen Thuwed x 2nd gen Dorkface)

    For Freezing:
    female, ungendered Silver Dragon
    ungendered and winged Thunder Dragon
    ungendered and winged Ice Dragon
    ungendered and winged Magma Dragon
    ungendered and winged Gold Dragon
    ungendered and matured blue, purple, green, red, and yellow Dinos

    Other Needs Wishlist:
    male CB Ash Dragon
    female CB Blancblack Dragon
    female CB Bauta Dragon
    male CB Boreal Dragon
    male CB Candelabra Dragon
    male CB Cassare Dragon
    male CB Purple Floret Wyvern
    male CB Gemshard (Blue)
    male and female CB Greater-Spotted Drake
    female CB Hooktalon Dragon
    2nd Gen male and female Ultraviolet Dragon
    2nd Gen male and female Shallow Water Dragon

    Always open:
    Unbreedables (no Neglected)
    CB-3rd gen Rare dragons (must have GOOD lineage)
    2nd-3rd gen of Thuwed/Dorkface

    Always needed (CBs):

    Collecting for Army:
    Nebulas [all colors open]
    Pink Dragons
    Avea Pygmies
    Rift Wyrms
    Aria Dragons
    Antarean Dragons
    Aeon Wyverns
    Hellfire dragons
    Glitterballs (Soulpeace)
    Vampire [least importance]

    Collecting for PB high gen breeding: