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  1. Systolic I think? and yeah I am 20. When I went to the hospital I was sick with a 24 hour flu that actually went away not long after I got there. My resting BP and heart rate stayed the same even though I was doing nothing, it was as if I just got done running a marathon. I didn't feel tired but I could feel my heart racing. I was the youngest person in the cardiac unit. They ran a bunch of tests and I had to stay there until everything returned to normal.
  2. I just remembered (because it happened today) that I occasionally get a very loud and very annoying vibrating or rumbling sound, it is hard to describe. I would almost say it is the opposite of the high pitched ringing. It sounds really close to the rumbling sound you would experience if you stood next to a big truck/semi/tractor while it idles. Doesn't happen often but I did have it happen for an entire day.
  3. I have heard rumors it means someone is talking about you and from doctors saying it's hearing damage, I think I believe in the latter.
  4. All I know is whatever current healthcare system we have is not helping where I live (US Arizona) the the economy/budget is still so bad that AHCCCS (because of the new Governor) will deny health insurance to childless adults. I was on AHCCCS but left to Indiana for 4 months, I come back and am now denied health insurance. I recently had a cardiac problem as my BP was up to 160 (average being 80-90) so I now have to pay off a $4000 bill and anything else that happens to me.
  5. I don't usually dream but when I do it's odd/creepy/weird/disturbing or just a plain nightmare, only good dreams I have are of my girlfriend (I don't dream of anything inappropriate)
  6. I kinda get that as well. It's not so much a noise I get more like a feeling or atmosphere change when someone/something is entering the room I'm in, however it is usually nothing as well.
  7. Sometimes I hear my name being called when my mother is thinking about me, currently I hear the kids playing outside.
  8. This but I change wallpapers somewhat frequently.
  9. I am a Christian and bi. I have seen every argument from the bible against gay marriage and every single one was misinterpreted and out of context. If someone wants to quote a passage to me from the bible stating that it is a sin then I will happily explain how it is not. As for allowing gay marriage in a political sense, I see absolutely no reason to deny it as most peoples views against gay marriage are based on religion and religion has no place in the government.
  10. Reading nonfiction, learning, parkour and computers.
  11. 123 Infinity for my own entertainment and A Child Called "It" for a school book report.