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  1. Tobyturner (tobuscus) Pewdiepie Cry (chaoticmonkie) Yogscast Vsauce Ashens Mrcreepypasta Smosh
  2. Silent hill Resident evil (mostly 0-3 the recent "action" ones suck) Minecraft Halo Mass effect Pokemon Assassin's creed Terraria Bioshock GTA Any Final fantasy game All Bethesda games and dragon age Not necessarily in that order.
  3. I hate repeating myself more than twice. I hate people who can't take proper advice. I can't stand when people do stupid just because they're stupid I hate when someone says "it doesn't matter how long we were friends before" in regards to choosing a brand new friend over a long time best friend because apparently all the time spent is equal to that of 5 minutes with anyone else. I have a lot more but I have to organize my thoughts first.
  4. If it was me I'd keep it but I love tinselkin so maybe that's just me, if you don't care much for the lineage then I'd say gift it or maybe offer it up for trade.
  5. Oops sorry about that, it's fixed now.
  6. Have A 7th gen tinselkin Want A 2nd gen PB Nebula egg or 2nd gen PB Red female hatchling Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. Grabbed it thanks! I love tinselkin terraes
  8. I love tinselkin, I think they're beautiful especially if you can find a similar mate. I was lucky enough to find these two Shamrock and Moriko, in the AP I was even luckier that they were bother 8th gen and they gendered just right so that I was able to produce this little guy/girl with a gorgeous lineage I would gladly let him/her grow up on my scroll but if anyone see's the beauty in this little guy or girl like I do then by all means please give him/her a good home and please no freezing/killing or biting. Just offer up a random egg so I know who it goes to Make a
  9. Hi' I'd love to claim an egg from that dragon if the offer is still open
  10. Is this the image you were trying to post? Cause this is all that Bing link contained. And they're right, your first posts contained no images, only the word "click" perhaps you were trying to make it clickable but it didn't work.
  11. I grabbed the beautiful thuwed, he/she will be named and loved, thank you!
  12. Was walking while playing Resident evil 3 on my psp and tripped over a big rock which gave nemesis just enough time to crush the life out of me.
  13. Pokemon Yellow version on my PSP
  14. I completely understand your point, and I don't think you're shallow. Of course if you're going to be with someone you need to be at least somewhat physically attracted. I was trying more specifically for the point to just be about the reproductive parts. I am capable of dating a guy but won't because of my own issues with men. I'd say some men are nice to look at or perhaps maybe it's just envy but I've never looked at a guy in a sexual sort of way ever and I can understand when you say you're not attracted to the male form. I am honestly not really attracted to the female form either but for
  15. About 2 years ago Sun glasses inside is win Most recent picture even though it's a year old And my apologies for the somewhat terrible quality.
  16. A child called it by David Pelzer.
  17. Minecraft on the xbox as my pc sucks.
  18. Sorry if this thread is old but I honestly have some questions of my own if anyone is still active here. Since I was around 5 or 6 I always wanted to be a boy, I always pretended I was a boy and strangely enough even at a young age pretended I had girlfriends. I didn't know why and really didn't think it was a problem but I knew not to tell anyone. I'm 20, almost 21 now and still really wish I was a boy, I just think it would be easier all around for me and fit my personality better. I'm bi and have always been a tomboy for as long as I can remember. I absolutely despise anything labeled
  19. 1. Wolf - They are loyal, smart and I like their pack mentality. 2 .Eagle - They can fly and I always wanted to fly. 3. Lion - Because they're just awesome and I loved the lion king. If I can think of better reasons later I'll edit my post.
  20. Barely got one the first couple hours they released but only one so far, would be nice to have a pair to breed but oh well. Don't think I'm going back in there, it's crazy 300+ people on the hourly drop.
  21. Yeah I believe they wrote it off as dehydration since for those 24 hours I couldn't drink anything and I was throwing up (not to be gross) they gave me 5 or 6 bags of liquid via IV and usually two at a time. (which I might add is unpleasant as the cold liquid makes you shake until they throw warm blankets over you) More to the point my BP and heart rate have always been on the higher side usually around 90-95