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  1. Grabbed it! Could always use more pinks
  2. You know you've played too much minecraft when you have a dream of finally finding that 3rd diamond for a pickaxe Also not really related to gaming but while getting a back massage instead of saying a little lower I said scroll down >.<
  3. There are no people in my area that I can even remotely relate to, I wasn't attracted to anyone. I thought I was perhaps asexual but about 3 years ago I met my girlfriend in an online chat. She was amazing, we have yet to meet as she lives in Ohio but we just had our two year anniversary and we plan on meeting in about a year when I finish with the majority of my education Also this. I have the same problem, I hate my voice and get too nervous talking on the phone and face to face, we're both really happy but I have a lot of insecurities about myself and she also comes from a religio
  4. Have a 6th gen stairstep tinselkin black egg from living in sin Proof Want What I would like is a longer lineage (8th gen) stairstep tinselkin black egg so that I can have a mate for my Bronze The lineage would hopefully look like This except of course I need an 8th gen black egg. The tinsel color does not matter however I think it would be prettiest with either a gold or another bronze but silver will work too. Whoever can do this for me I will also give the the option to choose any two dragons on my scroll to breed (provided they don't refuse each other) Make an offer on my eg
  5. Have tinselkin from Penk, Want or A decent lineage is preferred, one I could continue, PB or non messy. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! You may freeze it if you want but it grows up in 8 hours so hurry!
  6. Correct, Killzone is a PS3 game and I don't much care for Sony *closes eyes and picks a number* 1 1. Tomorrow is our (my girlfriend and my) 2 year anniversary 2. She is upset at me for no reason 3. She is blonde
  7. I took the terrae because it'll be a perfect mate for this one http://dragcave.net/lineage/RU5va And depending how they gender their offspring will either look like This or This If anyone is interested in offspring from this pair then please let me now and I will add you to a breeding list and send you the egg as soon as I can
  8. Correct it was 2 I'll guess randomly 2 1. I play minecraft 2. I play assassin's creed 3. I play killzone
  9. It was 3 And I'll go with 2 as well 1. I have an Iphone 2. I have a pet 3. I have a 40 inch tv in my room
  10. Yup 1 is correct I'm gonna go with 2 1. I like math but I'm terrible at it 2. I prefer to sleep during the day and be up at night 3. I own a car
  11. It is 2, I have $8 @ thetron852 Hmm 1? 1. I'm single 2. I'm more intellectual than physical 3. I love reading
  12. SILVER LIST APPLICATION Forum ID: Shato Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM Proof you read the rules: Wolves and Sugar daddy's (it's hard caramel candy on a stick) I agree to the terms and conditions: Yes
  13. Mine was 1, I can't stand romance novels >.< I'll say 2, maybe you have a PS3 1. Potatoes are one of my favorite foods 2. I'm broke (money wise) 3. I want to name my future dog D.O.G. (pronounced dee-oh-gee)
  14. Yup it's 2, all 7 of my siblings are only half related to me >.< I'm gonna go with 3 1. I enjoy romance novels 2. I'm only 5' 4" 3. My favorite animal is a rat
  15. 1. People who purposely breed messy lineaged dragons and abandon them because they just don't care. 2. People who talk about others behind their backs 3. People who post vague and depressing status updates on Facebook then get mad and say they don't want to talk about it when you ask about it 4. People who constantly like Facebook pictures because it said "something" is supposed to happen if you like it 5. People who don't listen to advice and then everything happens just the way you said it would and they ask why they didn't have any warning signs
  16. It's 3 again, I'm not currently a software engineer but I am going to school to become one and that picture is creepy o_O @Dragonhatchling I'll randomly pick 1 1. I'm the oldest of all my siblings 2. My siblings are all fully related to me 3. My youngest sibling is 6
  17. It's 3 I don't really like fruit I'll just guess 3 1. I like star trek 2. I'm an agnostic theist 3. I'm a software engineer
  18. Two tostadas and a chalupa, taco bell for breakfast
  19. @greenglassesgal Hmm 1? 1. I have 7 siblings 2. I owned 12 dogs at one time 3. I love fruit
  20. I like the color combination of that one
  21. I'm 21 right now and I've wanted this tattoo since I was 18, I want it on my right shoulder blade and in the future probably two black angel wings just below my neck on my back but they'll probably be small and possibly one other small tattoo of either my girlfriends name after we're married, a wolf or another name/word that has special meaning to me. I had a fear of needles when I was young but I kinda just woke up one day and wasn't scared anymore, I also kinda like the barbed wire around the arm thing so not sure if I'd get one of those but it's possible
  22. Presence* and yeah, I totally get that, sometimes I can't even be in the same room with some people Also I'm a hypochondriac but I believe it is in part due to something else I won't discuss here and I do feel it will get better or go away completely in the future.