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  1. People getting upset at better art, what's next. I'm honestly not even seeing such a DRASTIC difference all the others are complaining about or how this would at all ruin lineages. Albinos need an update though, they're so ugly.
  2. I haven't used FF in a while but if there is an issue it would be with ABP and the latest version of that so you should check their site out. Only thing would be that ABP isn't updated to work with the new FF. Other than that not sure what you could be talking about. Also are you trying to block ads or videos from playing?
  3. I wanted to be a software engineer but heard I'll only need algebra level math yet I'd be required to take a calculus course and was basically told by someone else that with my problem (I'm dyscalculic, like dyslexia but with numbers) it would be almost impossible for me so I kinda don't know where to go now, I'm really good with troubleshooting but that's the extent of my talents :/
  4. Lol I know, web design isn't really in line with programming but do you know what math would be required for 3D game programming and the like? I heard everything from just basic algebra (which I can do) and then all the way up to calculus (which I can't do)
  5. I think I'd like to start with more web stuff, maybe start with web design before I move to actual apps but yes I have always wanted to learn game programming but I'm terrible at math and I heard that 2D gaming is okay but 3D gaming is where you really need the math
  6. I'd love to start getting in to programming. I have books but I never know where to really start. I've dabbled in HTML, Java, C++ etc but never really got anywhere with it Any tips or advice would be great, I heard Python is a good starting point since it's simple and easier to read
  7. It definitely sounds like a hardware issue to me. You wouldn't happen to know the specs of the computer would you? It might help if you could post them Also Norton is pretty terrible around the Tech support community, just letting you know. Norton blocks a lot of things for no reason, doesn't catch as much as other free AV's and is a * to get rid of if you want to which kinda makes it sound like a virus in general lol. Not to mention is constantly asks you to buy it if you're using the trial and it's expired
  8. You might want to try reading here https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/passwo...hange-passwords You may need to remove it from the exceptions list
  9. Tried updating stuff such as your browser (which are you using?) or flash? 16 GB should be way more than enough unless somethings wrong with your RAM
  10. Not sure why it's doing that but you can easily google how to uninstall AVG, MSE (Microsoft security essentials) is seriously all you need Here is how to uninstall AVG from their site http://www.avg.com/ww-en/faq.num-5172 And MSE http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows...ls-all-versions
  11. What microphone do you have, is it on a headset?
  12. How much RAM do you have right now and what are you running also what kinds of things are you doing when it freezes?
  13. If you're going to spend $700 you can look at the $700 build here http://www.logicalincrements.com/?aid=cr it's in the very good range and the video card is a 650ti boost however you're not going to be able to max out all settings with a single 650ti especially stuff like Crysis, Batman, BF 3 and 4 etc but you can probably get decent FPS, enough to enjoy the game. I'd say even go for a 660 if you can afford it, would be better than two 650's. Also depends what games you want to play
  14. Are you strictly upgrading or building? And what is your budget? I'd also recommend taking a look at this http://www.logicalincrements.com/ and just FYI taken from the site "All these builds are focused on optimum gaming. If you do not game, get a lesser GPU and use the saved $$$ to upgrade something else, such as adding an SSD" And this http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Radeon+HD+7850
  15. Gift received To: Shato From: Sfate Lineage link: Link & Link Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: Yes I'll take them since no one seems to want them, I don't want them to go to waste and Sfate seems eager to get rid of them
  16. Gift received To: Shato From: 45d3 Lineage link: Link and Link Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: Yes
  17. Gift received To: Shato From: May50555 Lineage link: Link Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: No I want to bite/gift Profile link: Link I don't mind being contacted? Yes/No: Uh Yes I don't mind being contacted Special requirements about your gifts? Prefer they are named and not frozen/killed/released. Re-gifting is fine
  18. Yeah I know He's new to this cage and they're just establishing their dominance right now but yup I'd definitely get him neutered if it got worse. Just in case anyone wants to see what they look like Badger and Fievel
  19. I live for scary games so I've played a lot and some have nice jump scares but the scariest game I've ever played has to be when I was about 9 or 10 and played Silent Hill 1 for the first time, could only play that game for about half an hour before I got a stomach ache. Otherwise I laugh every time I get scared so no games have ever been really scary for me but for all those people saying Slender is scary, try playing Slender Tubbies
  20. Do you have to get a Mac? Buying a 16-32GB Flash drive would be a good idea if your internet isn't the best for uploading files to dropbox. I've never heard of Apple transferring your stuff for you so I don't know about that and I personally wouldn't trust them with my stuff. If your music library is from downloaded YouTube videos then that won't be transferred and you'll have to transfer all the individual music files to the new mac. As far as the Doctor Who episodes, anything you've purchased via iTunes will stay on your iTunes account. As far as Photoshop goes maybe take a look at
  21. Gateway of the Mind In 1983, a team of deeply pious scientists conducted a radical experiment in an undisclosed facility. The scientists had theorized that a human without access to any senses or ways to perceive stimuli would be able to perceive the presence of God. They believed that the five senses clouded our awareness of eternity, and without them, a human could actually establish contact with God by thought. An elderly man who claimed to have “nothing left to live for” was the only test subject to volunteer. To purge him of all his senses, the scientists performed a complex operation
  22. Seems the only bad restriction to the XboxOne is the 24 hr internet thing, as far as the used games go it's up to developers if they want to make their games not able to be resold and I'm betting the majority if any will use that option
  23. I live in Arizona in a city called Sun City so I love everything other than sunny because it's always hot and sunny here and being sunny all the time is just freakin boring. I voted thunderstorms because I love wind, rain, thunder and lightning.
  24. Was a fan of the 360 and hated the PS3. The PS2 was the last great console from Sony but by the looks of it I'll probably be getting the PS4 as the Xbox is just too much of a hassle for a console, might as well get a gaming PC.