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  1. Though in BW to B2W2, one could use black kyurem and white kyurem, but those using the old BW would only see the regular kyurem sprite. they might do the same in this case, but put some way to show its mega evolved. Yeah, this is whats giving me doubts. if the hackers couldnt find them, and the powersave cheating device cant get them, i really doubt they even exist in XY.
  2. was a nice day... like, to where if you dont have a jacket on, you wish you did, but if you do have one on, you wish you didnt... >.<
  3. chicken noodles... yeeaahh today was chicken day apparently.
  4. this.. was also a chicken sandwich ._.
  5. speaking of, can we just think about the fact Game Freak is VERY capable of limiting what pokemon we can use in what battles, as they have shown us in sky battles in XY, yet they apparently can't just use that same list to limit what pokemon we can battle with while soaring?
  6. apparently if you see pokemon flying and you interract with them, that's when you'll be able to battle... dunno, i could be wrong, i just remember hearing something like this somewhere. and apparently you can have a huge heavy as heck rock pokemon battle in the sky :| let's just think about that for a moment here
  7. Generally, when they say encounter, they mean battle and potentially catch... Personally, im not impressed with the megas revealed today. Mega Steelix, I think looks kinda cool other than the face... Glalie.. eehhhhh not a fan what-so-ever... the more i look at glalie, the less impressed I am...
  8. ah okay. thanks for telling me. what i get for not doing my research
  9. Really /REALLY/ cold. well, not really.. try 57... with wind... and i lack a blanket at this place (overnight babysitting). No heater here either. Fun
  10. So guys, book 4 starts on October 3rd online! #AllTheHype
  11. You know you've played pokemon emerald too long when you have memorized the locations of every single hidden item in the game, the locations and levels of all pokemon in the wild, and have obtained all the frontier symbols. i was a little too obsessed with my gameboy back in the day .__. though im kinda making it a goal to memorize Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that well now
  12. I absolutely MUST be watching some kind of video when I'm eating food. I'm so overly obsessed with computer usage that I'll get distracted and completely forget about my food. I don't like cold or reheated food. That said, I gotta use my laptop to watch a video on full screen so im not trying to do a million things on the internet. >.<
  13. So growing up, Digimon Adventures was one of the few shows I actually watched on TV. I always thought it'd be cool to own my own digital pet as a kid. Unfortunately, Digimon changed a lot over the years, and the more recent series weren't the best. But Digimon Adventures is returning now! Same old original characters, but in their high school years! That's mostly what I wanted to discuss here, as the original series was a big part of my childhood. Anyone else hyped up over this!? For anyone interested, here's a news article, which is where I learned about the retur
  14. *lets out a little tingling spark* xP please don't hurt me with them sharp teeth ;-;
  15. Watched it in 3D and loved it! Been waiting for it to be released on iTunes so I can buy it and watch it again Also really sad about Hiccup's father... Disney owns DW? Glad I came here, I learned something new (:
  16. I just hope THIS hug has a happy ending ;-; *scared*
  17. Subway Spicy Italian Footlong. Woke up and was waiting on the mail, so I went to get food to pass the time. Probably was my first time eating breakfast in... I'd say a month, maybe two?
  18. I'm just waiting for all the fan art relating to that. I'll definitely be breeding Numels for a 5-6IV one just to name it Roomba