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  1. My first actual video game was my friend's copy of Pokemon Sapphire back when I was 8. But, if computer games count, my very first ever was Busytown 123s, or Busytown ABCs... >.> Looking back at Busytown 123s, however, I was trying to do stuff as a 3 year old that I wouldn't learn until 5th grade...
  2. Now that the trailer for the movie's English dub is out, I'm rewatching Madoka Magica.
  3. Recently started a nuzlocke of Pokemon Blaze Black. I am very sure I'll die by the first gym.
  4. Ib is a Japanese horror game where you get trapped in an art gallery that tries to kill you, and you are given a rose that is connected to your health. These blue skinned red eyed dolls sometimes appear, and a giant one can make you go insane. Fun, fun. Thanks.
  5. I couldn't help but notice there were Ib dolls available in the Misc. selection... So, of course I had to use them paired up with roses.
  6. When I tell people I was diagnosed with having "Aspergers-like symptoms", and people automatically lump me in with those who are severely autistic. I mean, what the heck?!
  7. It's been a while since I've been on this website at all..... but I really think I need this right now..... After dealing with another emotional event a little over a month ago, my parents allowed me to get a cat to help me cope. The cat that I- well, I didn't choose him, but he chose me- He was an orange tabby, just about a year old, and very gently and sweet, though still very playful at times. His name was "Sir Cat", though I quickly changed that to "Axel." Axel has been very helpful at taking my mind off the other emotional stress. He's always nearby, and if I feel like I'm about to cry, he'll jump up next to me, sit on my laptop or book or whatever I have, and nuzzle my hand, and I can't help but smile with him around. Last night, however, he went missing. I don't know how he got out, or where he could be. This is the first time he's gone missing like this, and I'm more of a wreck now than I was even before I got him... I'm doing everything I can to try and find him, but he hasn't turned up at all yet....
  8. Another thing you could do is build a large building and fill it with doors- nothing but doors, on all the floors. Of course, you need a way to get in that the villagers can't use.... But with more doors, the villagers will be tricked into thinking there's more houses, and still have little baby villagers, and eventually, an iron golem will spawn.
  9. I feel like I should add my own input to the thread as well. I've been playing on DC for a few years myself, on and off, because I would eventually get slightly bored, but then remember that there are some dragons I haven't collected yet, and come running back to try to get them, then stick around for any new releases as well. If these breeds were discontinued or limited, I'd probably have no reason to keep coming back to this website, and leave for good. So, I would say no to this idea.
  10. I'm a huge fan of weird food combinations- Sea-salt on ice-cream, eggs with spicy salsa, chocolate chip cookies dipped in nacho cheese... And just today, I made a quesidilla (I think that's how it's spelled), put barbeque sauce on it, and rolled it up like a burrito. It was delicious. My sister actually started asking how on earth I could eat it, before trying it herself... and she liked it. Then my brother had a bite too, and he loved it.
  11. Wow... I'm actually a bit surprised with the results, but I think it's interesting to see people's reasoning behind their choices. As for myself... I would much rather be a dragon, honestly. I've been having dreams about it and everything. True, I'd be losing a lot of stuff that I have as a human (like opposable thumbs), but so long as I could fly and go wherever I pleased, I would be happy. If I were to stay human and own a dragon, there would still be issues such as where I would get money and how to entertain myself... But as a dragon, I wouldn't need money, and could simply hunt for the food that I need. I would have more time to simply observe beauty around me, and think as much as I so choose, rather than having to deal with the stuff I deal with as a human. That's my choice, personally.
  12. I have been having this discussion with my brother and my fiancee for a while, and after seeing the debate elsewhere as well, I want to know what most people would prefer. Would you rather have a dragon, or be a dragon?
  13. Your score: 32 Gender: Female Age range: 16-19 Best score for your gender and age range: 0 Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520 Eh... Maybe I'll try again sometime without glasses...
  14. I actually once had a notebook that I would use to jot down ideas for a dragon story I was writing in, but most of the time I was half asleep and couldn't remember what I meant... but once, I woke up and saw that I had written "Sacred Unicorns" in it... >.> So... I guess, in that story... the dragons saw the unicorns as deities... But whether that means one is better than the other is yet to be seen...
  15. I've noticed that, for no particular reason, I spend a lot of time in the desert biome- It's always the first one I click when searching for new eggs, and the one I do a lot of refreshing in. Yet, for some reason, the one I actually take eggs from the most is the Volcano biome...
  16. You and your fiancee decide your dragons are now your children, and start naming them with a combination of your names as their surname.
  17. In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, we are given a scene that takes place in a Dream, where Sora sees Namine and is about to pass on a message he never got to tell her- but as the camera angle turns, she is replaced by Xion, whom nobody can remember, and when he asks who she is, a tear rolls down Sora's cheek, causing him confusion. The following scene, he finds Roxas, who goes on to say that, while things could have been the other way around, it had to be Sora, because they're the same person, and Sora can feel what he felt. Sora then says what every fan wanted to hear- that Roxas is his own person, and has every right to be his own self. Roxas looks pleasantly surprised, then says this is why it had to be Sora, before giving him all his memories, causing Sora to start crying because of all the pain Roxas had been through.
  18. I was only trying to keep my promise... I didn't mean for this to happen...
  19. Mine was a Shadow Walker from the AP... Unless you're talking about CB dragons. Then it would be a Cavern Lurker... >.>
  20. My mom brought home a bacon cheeseburger for me from Wendy's... >.> I realize it's not healthy, but hey- it tastes good.
  21. It depends on what you define as trash... >.> I've got my laptop, a slightly broken pair of headphones, a bunch of notebooks, a sketchbook, a bunch of loose-leaf lined paper, a plastic cup that may or may not have some water in it, and some colored pencils...
  22. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: Allons-y~Geronimo Scroll Name(Make scroll link): http://dragcave.net/user/RaeWhit PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=197299 What Avatar do you want? Creation/ Destruction/ Change Creation, please Any desired mates? Any is fine Any other comments? While I would love to breed one myself, I don't have a GoN, much less a full grown trio yet. Also, Chaoz.
  23. I want to give a HUGE thank you to Gluria and Monana, for their wonderful gifts of a Magma and an Ice dragon, respectively. Thanks to them, I can complete my Trio~!
  24. Huh- DC and my brother have the same birthday- >.> That's odd- But Awesome~