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  1. Did anybody else notice one of tj's eggs has FE4R in it's name?
  2. If you've gotten a flower with a message like "enjoy your fishbowl/snowman/dragon" it's from me!!
  3. Sending mine out by the loads. Don't want any to go to waste. Mine always have a fishbowl pot btw
  4. It's been three hours since the event started and none of my sprouts have changed? Anyone else?
  5. Well it's not a holiday on dragcave without glitches, amirite
  6. Caught a second hyacinth and it went poof? Maybe you can't have two of one kind
  7. I dunno why art credits can't just be put in the OG post instead of going through the hassle of deleting posts. Or keep the thread locked until someone can do the art post
  8. Can I ask what an art post is?
  9. Would have grabbed if I already didn't have one! Can't believe my luck sometimes!!
  10. Seen SO MANY SILVERS ASDAZHDGAHZDFHDAF did not catch a single one
  11. And I'm not saying they should, I only asked why they needed more, as an honest question which could've gotten multiple answers, "for a project" per say.
  12. I was never stating that they must gift, I was only stating it would a pretty nice thing if they have multiple cbs.
  13. Yes, but most people use them as fodders, and while I realize that's part of playing the game, seeing most people with 1 gold at most, with a messy lineage kind of irks me when there's other people who have 10 cb/second gens
  14. But if you know there's a demand for them, why don't you let other people grab them? Or even gift them?
  15. Only thing I'm saying is if you have 5+ cb golds/silvers why do you need more?
  16. I do recall seeing a leetle too... Course I already have one so I couldn't grab it.
  17. No, I think they're appropriate but I think that some may be perceived in a wrong way, like bullhorn
  18. I just finished naming my first 20-30 dragons that appeared on my scroll and I was wondering if their names are all okay. My scroll is in my description
  19. I mean.. it's not like we need this. Your eggs will abandoned all the same (:
  20. cough http://dragcave.net/lineage/FS6fV
  21. It kinda looks like The Lagmonster...
  22. There was a Christmas tree decorating contest, and that's how you got them.
  23. all types of amazing http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/loveydovey00