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  1. Post your favourite dish/dessert.
  2. Carla Weasley (reference to Charlie Weasley from Harry Potter)
  3. Arad, Romania I think it's interesting to name the country as well
  4. Lunevra Luna Lovegood and Ginevra Weasley combination?
  5. - Finishing lots of short courses this year. - Finally be able to study Chemistry in Europe. Come on, I'm already turning 21 soon, good enough to start college, right? - Meet my friends in real life. - Get a good, stable job. - Move to a better, safer country. - Get married and have kids (preferably daughters XD)
  6. I've had a few lucid dreams, I'll write the most remarkable ones! First one, I was living in my previous residence and I'd just found out that I'm a witch. As a starter, I used a black colour pencil as a wand (well, just a woody thing to channel my magic until I get a real wand). I could literally think, figure out what I want to do and feel myself concentrating. I had conjured owls, made them disappear, and stuff like that. Then I got a letter from an ex-schoolmate telling me I have to prepare for a Wizarding War and that's why it was the right time for me to find out my truth. Then, I conjured a magical paper boar to use as a 'punching bag'. I'd practise several offensive spells on it! I wish I knew further about this story! Second, I had some missions to do in a town and I could literally feel myself concentrating to fly. I did fly. I went from buildings to buildings to delivery objects. The sky was purple as a storm was coming. Flying felt fantaaastic!! That breeze, my hair flying, god! I want to fly in real life!! Annnnd yesterday I had another one, it was sort of 'half lucid' For some reason I got permission to visit a friend's school. I was pretty aware it was a dream so I "forced" to explore every place I could, until there were fireballs invasion, idk someone was trying to set the school on fire with fireballs. Then as I wanted to go back home I stayed in a plaza, at night, there were lights everywhere and lots of people. I was waiting for a bus, which was taking long.
  7. Failure. Not achieving my main dreams. Not being able to enjoy my life as I want. Staying stuck in a bad life situation like right now/being stuck in a country I don't want.
  8. Hybrid of Weather dragons with Avatar of Change or Magi. So the hybrid hatchling/adult will change its sprite accordingly to the season!
  9. 2g Magma egg (both parents are magma) Claim my eggs/hatchlings!