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  1. Is there a way to view server status of DC? Keep getting 504 for the last hour. Every other site loads just fine.
  2. Have: 3g Skysilk from 2 SAlts (Snow and pacified Aegis) 2g Desipis from female Magi 2g Hellfire with Undead mother CB Astrapi and Golden Wyvern Cb codes: 9OIL2, WOT2B, Kemis IOU for any amount of common/uncommon dergs, can influence and hatch before sending --- Want: x2 cb Spitfire breeding pair I didn't know they had permanent alt forms, desperate for second pair
  3. So when a pitty gets killed and becomes exalted, is it a permanent change or a temp form? Will killing it again while exalted actually kill it? Kinda sucks if it is permanent as I have the habit of getting only 2 cb holiday dergs in halloween to match the other holiday traditions, even though they have no cb limit. I despise "caveborn" cbs as well, so guess I just accidentally locked myself out of having cb sprites of the exalted form now lol.
  4. Early 2019 seemed like everyone was feeling the itch to return to Bloodborne, ended up having a dream about it about a week later. It was really short, going through some chalice dungeon, looked like Isz but darker aesthetic. Came upon that big circular room and there was just lone a hunter there, unlike any in the game but a hybrid, wore Cainhurst armour but with the gold ardeo, don't remember their weps but they didn't use big ones like the wheel or cannon. Anyway, killed them and they dropped an oath rune of all things, and not in the usual manner either, didn't loot anything bu
  5. Ah, thanks! That really helps a lot. But it turns out the local time on my profile is 1 hour behind, seems like the new eggs will be released at 4am. Oh well, time for another all-nighter...
  6. What- but where are the Dragcave HQ? I can't even do a time zone conversion because you never give a timezone with your releases, your 0:00 on the 14th, could be a 3:00am on the 15th for me.