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  1. Gifting: Color striped couple, 2G, incuhatchables. I don't mind if you freeze the hatchies, but please don't kill the eggs. Please, claim these eggs!
  2. Gifting: CB female Royal Blue. No problem with freezing her, if you want. Claimed
  3. Gifting: CB male Undine, common green hatchie. Please, claim this hatchie! And yes, you can freeze. Adopted.
  4. Gifting: CB Winter egg, only 8 hours left to influence. Claim this egg! (Claimed)
  5. Gifting: CB Two-headed Lindwyrm (Green) (Male ♂) (Taken) CB Nebula Dragon (Red) (Female ♀) (Taken) CB Spirit Ward Dragon (Female ♀) (Taken)
  6. I want to be a breeder! Forum User: Maidragon Scroll Link: Maidragon's scroll PM Link: PM me What are you willing to breed?: 2nd gens, as I only collect CBs. See my scroll to see if I have the species (and gender) you want. Any other requirements (no gifting/killing/biting/e.c.t)?: Not killing... at least, not intentionally. What color would you like your name in?: Blue I want to be added to a List! Forum User: Maidragon Scroll Link: Maidragon's scroll Requested list: Blusang, gold, silver and summer... but only CBs (=1st gen, you newbies). Yeah, it will be a long wait... PM link: PM me Proof you read the rules.: Uh... waiting to get on the lists?