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  1. Still waiting for the silver eggs.
  2. At last, I caught my 7th with some difficulty so I can rest now. Love my eggs, so pretty.
  3. I caught anything yet! I hate my slow connection.
  4. Oh, my God! So pretty eggs! Thanks TJ!
  5. TJ, thanks for the release! I love the eggs.
  6. Thanks for working so hard for us, bbik. Hope you can fix it. Sending you all the best wishes. Thank you for keeping us informed.
  7. * Thanks TJ and artists. New eggs are awesome. Grabbed some of them. Now I need more space.
  8. I've got my last: a red rose. 62/62 It was great. Thanks to all that made this event posible.
  9. You're right. I thought it began on Saturday, but that was not Easter. Hurrah!
  10. Really? I thought it finish in some minutes.
  11. All eggs are so beautiful. I couldn't find all of them. I started late. So sorry.
  12. Time to collect eggs! Thanks for the fun!
  13. Happy Holidays everyone!! Thanks TJ! ^.^ 100th post at last
  14. Happy Halloween, everyone! happy.gif
  15. New realese. Thanks TJ.
  16. Thank you TJ & Spriters I love the new dragons, they are awesome!! Are these eggs a temporary release or will they be permanent?
  17. Thanks for the update. I haven't seen it yet, but I still very glad.
  18. I finished catching them all. So cute most of them. 55 and thank you TJ.
  19. I love the Avengers' egg. Thank you. The tiger is also adorable.
  20. Thank you TJ and artists for these loveable eggs.
  21. I'm as dissapointed as you are, Cygnis. I could not enter last night and only can keep flowers that were sent to me. But in 2 days, I could have send away quite a lot of flowers that have grown. Sorry for that. I didn't know when the event was to finish. My fault.
  22. ┬┐Are we going to keep our gardens o the present we received?
  23. This is my second garden before I started sending more flowers. EDIT: I cought none Dragon Head flower and gladdly accept one.