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  1. New release. Nice. I hope I'll catch one of each, at least. Thanks TJ and artists. 😍
  2. Thanks for old eggs. And the full week is just what I need. Happy Easter and Festival everybody.
  3. Happy holidays everyone! No egg caught yet. Anyway, I like them very much. Thanks to TJ and artists.
  4. Happy Halloween, everyone!
  5. Nothing but regular eggs in the biomes. So sad.
  6. Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! Eggs and hatching are very pretty, so far.
  7. No more eggs dropping. It's a pitty.😠
  8. Stil missing 4 eggs. But have been fun.
  9. Dear TJ Claus, I'm in the same situation. Please, be good and send some ice. Here in Argentina we're really in need because it's summer and we're melting. *sigh*
  10. Merry Christmas! Beautiful new eggs. Thanks for the video Syren.
  11. New eggs, what a surprise! I was not expenting them until Christmas. Thanks TJ
  12. Happy Halloween, everyone!
  13. I'm so glad a have plenty of room to caught all the eggs I can. Thank TJ Very pretty eggs!
  14. Happy Easter! And happy egg hunting!
  15. Thanks TJ for the answer. Very sad. 😭
  16. I want to know that too. I've been eaten. Shall I have another chance?
  17. I like this. Where can I play. Thanks TJ.
  18. Thank you very much for the surprise TJ!
  19. Happy Early Valentine's Day My first newly hatching, a sweet Rosebud baby. Thanks to the person that bred it.
  20. I was wandering why the event has not finished yet. So, we have almost another day. Nice. 😘
  21. The same is happpening to me. I'm using Chrome on notebook. Help, please. I want to play.
  22. Happy Halloween! 😁 Thanks TJ and spriters! 😾