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  1. Man there are brownies every where. *Eats some of the brownies*
  2. What have I been doing Hidernating?! I have to get a calender soon because I didn't realize that Thanksgiving was just around the corner. Man time is flying by fast when you don't pay much attention to the dates.
  3. Why does it seem like everytime there is a meteor shower it is always cloudy and cold?
  4. I played the Dragon's Dogma demo and I have to say that when I get the chance I'm going to buy this game. I highly recommend this game if you love dragon age. I was so mad when I got to the end of the demo. I hate cliffhangers especially in demo games.
  5. My mom and I don't wear shoes in the house but dad always wears shoes in the house. Mom beleives that wearing shoes in the house doesn't make you feel relaxed or at home. Most of the time we run aound in slip-on shoes.
  6. *Runs around like a madman trying to find a place to hide* Got to find a place to hide! *Dives into a bush*
  7. I really need to get Skyrim. I am so tired of playing the same games over and over.
  8. *Runs past cthulhu153* Thanks for explaining the !
  9. I have a habit of chewing the inside of my mouth. When I'm stressed I chew gum and I usually chew one pack of gum every three days. I too pick the skin of my lips especially when my lips are chapped. Old habits do die hard .
  10. I remember playing a spyro game years ago and there was a swimming in the air glitch. I think it was Spyro Year of the Dragon. It was in the wild west world with the dinos. I tried multiple time to repeat the glitch cause it was probably the most amazing glitch ever but couldn't figure out how to repeat it.
  11. Nope. Still have a Razor with a cracked screen. TPBM Can't wait for Thanksgiving.
  12. My cat is sitting on the table beside the laptop rubbing his head against the screen. I don't feel like I got an extra hour of sleep last night. For some reason I feel so tired and I can't stop yawning.
  13. Playing sports, playing video games with friends, and going fishing with family. Just a few things that make me happy when I'm highly stressed. I love having a pond stocked full of fish right out behind the house.
  14. I either want a Hummer H2 or a 2012 convertible mustang. But with gas prices on the rise I can't afford to buy or fill up a Hummer. The Mustang wouldn't be bad but insurance is another problem. Plus I'd love to buy a new PS3 game but the ones I want are expensive.
  15. *Appears out of no where and starts running* Man...there are of brownies everywhere. (What is that brown thing a yak or something?)
  16. Played Bioshock and Bioshock 2 back to back on hard. I'm surprised my PS3 still works. I really need to find a new game to play.
  17. I have a cat name Zipper and he loves to tear up toilet. Whether its on a rack or in the pack. He will find it and make it snow. He got into the bathroom closet and shreded up a 12 pack of toilet paper and when he left the bathroom he left a paper trail. Mom came home and saw the trail and followed it. She said it looked like someone had put a bomb in the pack of toilet paper and it exploded. She found Zipper lounging on the couch covered in toilet paper. She was mad at him at first but bursted out laughing. Dad had to change the door knobs on all the bathroom doors from the long knobs to the
  18. I'm mildly allergic to any Dove soaps or products. My skin breaks out and itches really bad when I use Dove soap. When I was a kid I never could play in a bubble bath because just about every type of bubble bath product broke my skin out.