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    Love glomp gifting! If you are interested in a lineage on my scroll please ask about it. And we will figure something out.

    Current Linages Ongoing
    Nekosa= Staircase Seawyrm with CB Nilia
    Dark Green Plate=Evengen purebred Vines
    Future Projects
    Red Plate= Evengen purebred Red
    Golden Lovers= Evengen purebred golden wyvern
    Black Lovers=Evengen purebred blacks
    Maybe a Magi x other breed spiral.

    Dark Myst Collector (See my sig for my list) will be freezing them.

    cb or even gen purebred vine, red, black or golden wyvern
    cb or low gen silver or gold
    Cb copper
    Inbred hatchlings (Share the love for the unwanted ones)
    low gen shimmer or tinsel (Who else doesn't want one)