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  1. Light is Lost Songs are sung, the world is done Light is fading o'er the horizon... Magic's gone, but for how long? The night is different than the day... Don't be afraid to stand if you're broken steady your trembling nerves For the light will come again, my dear, The Light will come again
  2. Heart of Gold January 1st, 2009 Dear Diary, I see so many things around me that I do not understand. My friends at school are dressing in clothes that are far too tight and expose a lot of skin. All the boys seem attracted to them when they do this, which makes them do it more. Just today I saw Alicia hiding in the locker room with one of them. They were kissing and he was touching her body really inappropriately. What do I do? When I tried to bring it up with Jordan, she brushed me off and said, 'What are you? An oldie? Go get laid!' Seeing these things makes me hurt inside. I want - no, need - my friends to like me. But what would make them like me besides dressing so weirdly and having sex? Without my friends, what am I? They always gave me good advice before. I could hang out with them. They're not my friends now. Not any more. - Isabell ---- January 5th, 2009 Dear Diary, Today I found a new friend! His name is Caleb and he hangs out down in the computer lab like I do. He just came to this school but already the other boys don't like him. He's considered a nerd and a creep. We hung out today. He likes a lot of the same games as I do - Dragon Age, Avatar, Assassin's Creed - and already it feels like we're siblings. Could this really be true? It seems too good, too nice to be happening to me. But I guess I'll just enjoy it while it lasts. -Isabell ---- January 10th, 2009 Dear Diary, Caleb is 13 now. He just celebrated his birthday and I had a lot of fun at the party. We've been hanging out a lot after school playing Assassin's Creed multiplayer or racing games. His Dad asked for a joke when we were gonna get married. Those girls who used to be my friends started being mean to me now. They put garbage in my locker the other day! Smelly banana peels and coffee grounds...yuck. I know it was them, because they also grabbed my hair in class when the teacher wasn't looking. It's really bad. Why are they doing this? I never did anything to them. At least Caleb is in most of my classes. He tries to help me, but they only hurt him too when he gets between us. All of this makes me feel awful! Those girls are trying to ruin my life! -Isabell ~*Written in honor of those girls who don't fit in and get bullied by others*~
  3. Dragon's Fire and Owl's Eyes Venture on if you dare, for the night hides secrets Secrets are dangerous in their hidden machinations, for casting a light upon them can be futile; the brightest of lights create the darkest of shadows What can we do, then? How can we dispel the secrets and their danger? By learning to not need the light and see clearly in total darkness of the mind Let dragon's fire warm your heart and take on the eyes of the owl and the ears of a bat Things will be clearer now When doubt disappears so does fear When fear disappears so does conflict When conflict disappears there is only Inner Peace.
  4. Conspiracy theorists unite! *derp face* lol
  5. Ugh I haven't seen any of it, but I'm SOOO hoping it's a good, non-cliched twist.
  6. I've heard of the Rosicrucian Order, but I don't know what they do/did. I have a book that talks about these groups, interestingly enough Should I add some stuff from it into here for the sake of discussion?
  7. *nods* Okay. I wondered because my Mom was a Nurse and she had me checked up at least once a year.
  8. If you do, it's nothing to be ashamed of. But that's interesting...you say you display many of the symptoms, but your parents never had you tested? It seems to me that on one of your checkups or something a doctor/pediatrician would have noticed.
  9. Machinations of the mind He smells the fear. Adrenaline floods his system. Each breath the frightened boy takes is harsh, sobbing, hysterical. The predator will not stop. It will never stop. How can it, when all it knows is death? But he cannot linger on that poetic thought that dances in the back of his mind, for it is nothing. Not compared to the sheer weight of fear, which overrules all reality and dominates the mind. Domination...it’s a curious concept, one which the back of his mind, unaddled by fear, contemplates. That thinking part knows also that whatever it thinks about will not be dredged up by Hayden until he is an older, wiser person than he is capable of being now. That’s another thing to think about. Maturity. Wisdom. Age. But there is the possibility that Hayden will never become any of those things. He’s fleeing right now. Danger threatens. That very hidden part of his mind turns the problem over and over until it arrives at a solution. A solution sparked by the realization that he’s running toward a deep lake. WAKE UP! It screams. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, SEE THE REAL DANGER! Splash...
  10. This is the place where I'll be posting some of my original works. May you all enjoy! Please feel free to shoot me a PM to request poems or send prompts Don't post in the thread, though, please. I want to be able to find everything without trouble. Index Short Stories: Machinations of the mind Heart of Gold Poems: Dragon's Fire and Owl's Eyes Light is Lost
  11. Hmm. This is an interesting point. I think both do still exist though, for a few reasons. Masonic Temples are not unheard of, after all, and if you analyzed what some politicians have planned for our nation, you would find some interesting ideas there...but yes, essentially. I don't doubt the existence of these groups.
  12. Oh okay. I was remembering the Illuminator or something Cool anyway.
  13. Shimmer spread her wings a bit, glad that she had no bugs or diseases. If she had then that little pygmy hatchling from earlier would have been hurt. Breezes brushed her scales delicately as though they were the gentle breath of the sky.
  14. Illuminatus Trilogy? Is that the one where some alchemist/magician preserved himself for hundreds of years and two siblings help him fight this evil alchemist? If so...I never realized...O.O good catch!
  15. @Millennium - What you had to go through is awful. They had no right to do what they did to you. Just because someone is 'strange' is no reason to call them names and stuff.
  16. I agree with this. I'm not on the spectrum myself, but I greatly prefer my own company.
  17. Gods, you have no idea When you attempt to incubate eggs IRL...
  18. Three people I know (two my close friends) are on the autism spectrum. Wonderful people I love them to death! Wish I had more to say right now.
  19. I think there are Illuminati out there. But Freemasons? DEFINATELY! They have lodges and stuff. It's like Wicca or paganism; kept quiet so people don't persecute them.
  20. You know you've played too much dragoncave when you find yourself crouched over your laptop in your bathroom at night...(me, right now)
  21. When you wish you could just put up a few torches and magma pits to keep away unwanted visitors...
  22. When you refer to important places as safe houses, Monterigioni (yes, I know I misspelled that), or Masyaf. Also, when you instinctively try to use your hidden blade to dispatch 'threats'.
  23. What's it for? I prefer playing as Altair, personally, but Ezio's fun.