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'Nothing is true, everything is permitted.' This maxim reminds me that everything should be viewed with suspicion and nothing should be trusted blindly. It also is an irony, for if nothing is true then that saying cancels itself out. The second part of the saying does not mean that one can simply do what one wants. It indicates that anything can happen, because nothing is true and our reality dictates our possibilities.

Searching for ices, magmas and thunders. PM me!

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    The Island of Cypress
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    My interests are:
    - writing (poems, mainly)
    - Assassin's Creed
    - Paganism and Witchcraft
    - DragonCave (duh)

    I support dragon free love! The dragons I have that are not attracted to traditional mates are:

    Gentle Nepenthe Thuwed (f) + A Little Meep (f)

    Sartoria of Excess (f) + Thym'ea the fourth (f)

    Crowned son of Cunning (m) + Ly 2 Us 1 (m) + Naz son of baJT (f)

    That's all for now :)