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  1. Being a Silver trophy player sucks because of this limit...
  2. Using auto refresh page extension every half second for little over an hour whilst mindlessly waiting for a Chrono egg in Forest. I, Really want this egg. It SHOWED up and I was about to click it but my page refreshed in that moment and I clicked on a Dark Green dragon egg!!!!!!!!! Now I am egglocked and not gonna even bother waiting around anymore like that. I think I'm just gonna wait till all my eggs are done growing and just egglock myself with red eggs then wait till they hatch and trade them for it.......................
  3. I'm 22 and never had a relationship with a woman...feelsbad
  4. Yup I live in Wales and it's snowing. My sister wants to stock up on bread and milk..
  5. My favourite show of all time
  6. Metto


    I play on ps4, soldier and roadhog main!
  7. Metto


    I play on the Ps4, Soldier & Roadhog main. I find myself always playing Arcade and Custom games
  8. I don't know if this should've been in this or in 'Help'. Nor do I know if this has been suggested before but it's rather a help kind of thing than a suggestion? If a mod sees this and is in the wrong section then please move it. So here's the description of my dragon; Since there is no 'comment box' for users to say what they want to say or have another 'description' explaining the ideal and this and that and what they meant in their story without people actually wanting to change it. I only have two letters to add because of the limit; then get told to add more which I cannot fit in, then a mod (who I have been waiting for weeks or more because I left for awhile) rejects it saying I should correct it in their way. (No, not changing it to Dama because it's not what I called her) Some people are saying long winded words which I cannot fit in. Perhaps the person who made the description should also have a comment box? so the people who comment can adjust to the appeal and know any problems.