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  1. I took a break from dragon cave till I looked into the discord to have a look at gifting. Ended back here whilst claiming an egg and started to do the usual things - then for about 20 mins I remembered about the raffle page that I need to enter for this month. As I got on the page the button said "claim prize" I won a silver tinsel from last month! My first caveborn!!! I'm still shocked, and I've always wanted the silver tinsel the most! I feel so lucky right now! I might as well do the lottery!? Thank you dragon cave :D

  2. On 11/04/2018 at 11:13 PM, dark_sama said:

    1. I am 100% interested in taking part of this lineage, I've been so stoked since the announcement of the first three games being remastered!


    2. I think Common Pygmy would make more sense for the Sparx lineage, though Pumpkin would be so pretty (but alas, they're only obtainable during Halloween, so it doesn't make sense to have a line only available to be worked on once a year).


    3. Not particularly interested in villains, though the Green Baikala dragons or either color Two-headed Lindwyrms might be good if you want to do a two headed line based on Crush and Gulp (as the colors match up nicely).


    Also I think that Terrae Dragons would work good for Elora/mate (as they resemble deer with the horns) and the new Freckle Dragon might be good for Hunter's line



    This thread has been updated and taking in breeding requests now c:

  3. Today is this morning, but I'm content & happy from yesterday. I talked to one of my close friends for awhile and I've decided to sort out a passport out; I'm going to see my doctor and Ive been holding off about, but I need him to sign it anyway. I should've got this sorted out awhile ago, I'm  suddenly doing adult things getting things done. When this is done I will learn to drive. I'm 22 and want to be independent now more than ever. Yeah its been good!

  4. @HeatherMarie


    Very happy for you ^^ I can relate, been playing for 7 years and got my first paper and leetle tree in March! I entered a raffle on Discord and won my first Neglected dragon in March too, and a week later I noticed it was stolen on my birthday!

  5. I've always wanted an CB Aeon and someone offered it for free in group chat and I missed it

    Kinda wish there was a system/scheme on this site that promotes gifting in those who don't own......

    I refuse to trade for one now -_-


    Edit: Thank you so much Gryphonic for the gift !!