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  1. Have: 3g avatar from black arcana spriter alt Want: Swap for another 3g avatar with SA, checker lineage please https://dragcave.net/teleport/5da51ac17adfd50af7e6b172a8c0b0d5
  2. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Psych-> Metto: Yellow Dino Am I on that list? Yes Do I need/wish to be removed? Yes How was the gift offered? PM
  3. I want to request a gift! Forum Name: Metto Scroll Name: Metto Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Metto Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=197008 Today's Date: October 3 Will you accept an inbred dragon?: no Will you accept a messy lineage?: no Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Avatar of Creation (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2nd gen from male GoN x female Holly
  4. Probably far fetched request but does anyone have a female Holly (they exist, it's a honor mention) they could breed with a male GoN? I want to continue this lineage https://dragcave.net/lineage/EyasD
  5. I'd love to join! Also I like broccoli boiled
  6. I always wanted a silver tinsel and I won one from the raffle last month! I claimed the prize a week ago as I took a break, luckily I came back to check the page!!! I still haven't got a name for it xD
  7. I took a break from dragon cave till I looked into the discord to have a look at gifting. Ended back here whilst claiming an egg and started to do the usual things - then for about 20 mins I remembered about the raffle page that I need to enter for this month. As I got on the page the button said "claim prize" I won a silver tinsel from last month! My first caveborn!!! I'm still shocked, and I've always wanted the silver tinsel the most! I feel so lucky right now! I might as well do the lottery!? Thank you dragon cave :D
  8. Posted this back in April, haven't heard from this thread since ☹️
  9. Let me know if anyone has any pureblood 3gen checker thuwed to give for free. I only have one.
  10. I've been lucky with DC lately, I've grouped up today my special lineages (spriter alts, thuweds) and surprised how fast I've started collecting them. I don't have a third gen dorkface yet though...
  11. Metto

    Stardew Valley

    I just started a couple of weeks ago and really enjoying it. I'm onto my third year now Still gotta unlock the community centre...
  12. Request: I desperately need a silver lunar from cb Gold lunar mom and Gold dad, like this Please, I've tried 3 times from different people and it hasn't worked. Time is running out for the silver lunars!!
  13. My day has been very good, this morning I played with a new friend on Overwatch and had a lot of fun, the weather is nice, had some spicey chicken wraps which were really tasty. Then I got gifted a CB gold from a very good friend!
  14. Forum Username: Metto Egg pairings wanted: Spyro x Cynder and Flame x Amber
  15. One day....I'll get a CB tinsel/shimmer....hopefully
  16. This thread has been updated and taking in breeding requests now c:
  17. Thanks to the person for this 2gen from Black x Gold parents..and it alted! https://dragcave.net/lineage/j214S
  18. Today is this morning, but I'm content & happy from yesterday. I talked to one of my close friends for awhile and I've decided to sort out a passport out; I'm going to see my doctor and Ive been holding off about, but I need him to sign it anyway. I should've got this sorted out awhile ago, I'm suddenly doing adult things getting things done. When this is done I will learn to drive. I'm 22 and want to be independent now more than ever. Yeah its been good!
  19. It DID alt https://dragcave.net/lineage/j214S
  20. Let me know when u start this lineage, I would love an egg from spyro x cynder
  21. @HeatherMarie Very happy for you ^^ I can relate, been playing for 7 years and got my first paper and leetle tree in March! I entered a raffle on Discord and won my first Neglected dragon in March too, and a week later I noticed it was stolen on my birthday!
  22. Please add me to the lists Forum Name: Metto Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Metto PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=197008 Proof that I read the rules: Purple List Request: Dino - Red , Green, Yellow
  23. What about Ember x Flame Ember as an Aria dragon, and Red for flame?
  24. 1: Yes I would love to take part of this lineage, I love Spyro! 2: Common pygmy! 3: I can't think of any villain dragons species Have u thought of adding a Surname to this lineage?
  25. I don't know how to get the link to message me