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  1. Okay, I have had this happen to me a couple of times. I have a weird drew and one to three years later it actually happens in real life... I once had a dream where the cat in the hat cut my head off and as I heard the slicing noise I woke up, now I am forever scared of the cat in the hat. ~Birdy
  2. (For Fallout) When someone says 101 I immediately turn my head and yell vault! Its stupid I know but it happens.. ~Birdy
  3. Glad you like it Requests are now open! ~Birdy
  4. Done! Sorry if it's kind of sloppy Requests are now open! [IMG=http://i48.tinypic.com/35077tk.gif] ~Birdy
  5. 100 Things That Make Me Happy! Thing 1~ Killing a creeper in MineCraft before it explodes. ~Birdy
  6. My room? I'll let you know once I find my floor......... ~Birdy
  7. Unicorns are the ones that kick ass. Dragons set them on fire. ~Birdy
  8. I like Lady and the Tramp also Oliver and Company.. they are just so cute! ~Birdy
  9. Sometimes I swear that I hear my dog barking but she is not.. ~Birdy
  10. So sorry it took so long to make, school kept me busy ~Birdy
  11. Done! Hope you like it! [IMG=http://i45.tinypic.com/144j0m.jpg] Let me know if you need it to be smaller for you ~Birdy
  12. The sound of an Arizona can being opened. Music to my ears! ~Birdy
  13. Have to say the quiet type. I say this because you have no idea what they will do next. ~Birdy
  14. I have read all of the books except Nevermore. I heard its good from some and bad from others. I guess I'll just have to find out for myself! ~Birdy
  15. I am in love with the adults!! I cant wait for my hatchies to grow up!! ~Birdy
  16. Dear Journal, It all happened so fast! I broke free of my egg and now I feel all grown up. I would have written back sooner but I didn't have time! I was busy enjoying life. I also got a name! My name is Art Matic, Art for short. I love it! The only thing that I hate right now are those hatchlings and egg cluttering up my living space. My owner said that they are special eggs that only appeared this Halloween. They are just slimy and crawling around everywhere and there are three of them! The fourth one has not hatched yet. That egg is weird. Its cracked a bit but I'm not sure if it's going to make it. As a now full grown beast of a dragon I shall now say goodbye until next journal entry. Sincerely, Art Matic
  17. I would love to, but please read my rules and fill out the form ~Birdy
  18. My walls are blue, I have two bearded dragons as pets. They are boring, they literally do nothing. Anyway! I got a tv... and my room is messy, very messy. ~Birdy
  19. I want my permit but my parents say that I have to wait until I'm 18 like the rest of my siblings ~Birdy
  20. Requests are OPEN!! 1. Ninetail's Female Royal Blue 2. OPEN ~@~@~@~ Hello and welcome to Birdy's Art Thread!! I am CoughingCanary, please feel free to call me Birdy!! I am new to drawing things on my computer so no hate. I am also terribly sorry if I get the sizes for the drawings wrong! Just let me know if it's too big for your siggy. Requests might take up to a week because of school and I usually only use my computer on the weekends. So if you request a dragon on a Saturday I will have it up by Sunday and if your request a dragon on a week day it will most likely be finished on Friday or Saturday. I will only draw dragons that are/have been in the cave. Once I get more comfortable with drawing on my computer I will widen the variety of things that I will draw. Payment ~ Dragon's head and neck..........FREE ~ Dragon's full body..........1-2 Cheese Egg(s) (depending on how hard the dragon is to draw) ~ Anything else..........Free ~...Yes I am a fan of Cheese Dragons...~ Rules: ~ Please do not be rude in any way ~ Do not remove my name from my artwork ~ For 'other' put down a type of cheese ~ Do not claim my art for your own ~ ENJOY Request Form: [u][b]~Request Form~[/b][/u] [B]Forum Name:[/B] [B]Type of Dragon:[/B] [b]Can Others Use This:[/b] [B]Payment(if any):[/b] [b]Other:[/b] Finished Work <--Purple Dorsal Dragon (FREE TO USE) <--DamiBoo's Morning Glory Drake (CAN'T USE) <--Sarkin Amara's Neotropical (CAN'T USE)
  21. 1) Rainbow Dash... my best friend 2) Fluttershy 3) Spike 4) Rarity 5) Pinkie Pie 6) Rarity 7) Applejack I kinda hate Twilight Sparkle.. ~Birdy