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  1. Cool event! I managed one new egg, one refusal, and a successful summons for my 3rd GoN. Pretty successful I'd say!


    Are the GoN's breedable all the time now, or just during the birthday bash? (Sorry if I missed this answer somewhere.)

  2. OMG! I just caught a Leetle tree! It's the first one I've ever even seen.



    In my excitement, I forgot to give out a very big Congratulations to others listing such fabulous finds/catches/news on this thread. I love happy news.

  3. I kept my gingerbread house super simple or else it was bound to turn into a huge mess.


    While I'm still thrilled to pieces that I got 2 Holly beauties this year, I needed my first hatchling to be male and it gendered female. *Sigh* Oh well, no biggie. I love her just the same.


    I hope everyone had a very nice holiday!

  4. Merry Christmas! I'm so happy to be celebrating my first Dragon Cave Christmas.


    The eggs are beautiful!


    I snagged one - can't get another until some other eggs hatch in a few hours. Now, on to attempting to decorate my gingerbread house.