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  1. Woot! Awesome! Thank you for the speedy answer.
  2. Cool event! I managed one new egg, one refusal, and a successful summons for my 3rd GoN. Pretty successful I'd say! Are the GoN's breedable all the time now, or just during the birthday bash? (Sorry if I missed this answer somewhere.)
  3. I'm way late to the game, but this is so awesome! Both the fort game and the multiple Christmas eggs - wow oh wow!
  4. These are really pretty. I really like the colors. And the description is perfect! I might have a new favorite overall in these dragons.
  5. Yay! It didn't take nearly as long as I though to get a few of these beauties. I can't wait to see what they turn into. Happy Halloween everyone! Thank you to TJ and spriters and everyone.
  6. Happy getting closer to Halloween! I keep forgetting about collecting the goodies! That's my mission for today. I'm really excited for the new dragons too. The Halloween ones tend to be up there on my favorite list.
  7. Wow! Thank you for such awesome releases. Can't wait to see them grown up.
  8. I got a beautiful Shimmer-scale in the AP. http://dragcave.net/lineage/YcYaL So happy! This is my first - I didn't think I would ever manage to nab one. Congrats to all on your great finds and breedings!
  9. Whew! All 7 days were a success. Thank you! This was a lot of fun.
  10. Woot! I managed to breed one on the first try. All these new eggs are so gorgeous! This is such a fun week.
  11. This is such a cool birthday event!
  12. Congrats - awesome stuff happening. I just had a shock - I summoned the GoN! Wheee!
  13. Happy Birthday!!! I love those avatars too - gorgeous!!!
  14. WOW! This is so cool - I can't wait.
  15. I managed to catch one. Yay! I don't have any daydreams though, so no breeding for me (yet). Good luck to all and thank you for the new release!
  16. Egg hunting is fun - thank you!
  17. OMG! I just caught a Leetle tree! It's the first one I've ever even seen. In my excitement, I forgot to give out a very big Congratulations to others listing such fabulous finds/catches/news on this thread. I love happy news.
  18. Congrats to all the winners! Nothing here, but that's ok. This was my first Christmas holiday with Dragon Cave and I had so much fun!
  19. I got this yesterday - I was amused. ETegg
  20. Here is mine. Clearly, I am not a decorator! Hee hee. I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's houses though.
  21. I kept my gingerbread house super simple or else it was bound to turn into a huge mess. While I'm still thrilled to pieces that I got 2 Holly beauties this year, I needed my first hatchling to be male and it gendered female. *Sigh* Oh well, no biggie. I love her just the same. I hope everyone had a very nice holiday!
  22. Wow, such neat houses! I suck so bad at decorating, I've been resetting my house all morning. It's blank once again. Ha ha!
  23. Merry Christmas! I'm so happy to be celebrating my first Dragon Cave Christmas. The eggs are beautiful! I snagged one - can't get another until some other eggs hatch in a few hours. Now, on to attempting to decorate my gingerbread house.
  24. I try to be very cautious with all my eggs. It took me awhile to figure out how to keep them safe.