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  1. BEAUTIFUL egg Can't wait to see the babies!
  2. I actually said in IRC that it looks like acute little pink kitten crouching down in his potty box
  3. OMG!! What an adorable hatchie!!! LOL I love the designs on the egg, now that I read the dragon's description lol haha.
  4. HOLY COW!! These hatchies are truly EPIC!!!
  5. Gosh, I managed to get an extra of the glitter eggs that I didn't need lol. I didn't notice I was getting the overburdened message because I was more intent on getting my two eggs
  6. Ok, if no one claims the 2 extra eggs I have, going to AP them Thanks
  7. I have two eggs for someone that hasn't caught any :3 They come as a pair, please pm me!
  8. Thank you for the release on my BIRTHDAY!!!! lol. Makes this release all that much more special. I got 6 of the gorgeous red eggies now :3
  9. My leetle is WAYYY too leetle !!! Love the eggs, also at 48
  10. I LOVE the new changes. I hope they stay I was considering quitting for a while, but if the changes stay, so will I It does make it more fun to sit there looking at the eggs and picking just the right one ~Charm
  11. D day dragon o.o lol "D day question" hehehe. I like that code ~Charm
  12. Yes, but for some reason, my vamp's description has been sitting there for months. I had all accepts until then ONE random !@#@#%!@#!@#!@#! .....person, rejected it. So I pushed it through again. -.- ~Charm
  13. To this day, I still haven't caught a single CB metal lol. I doubt I ever will Managed to snag these fast, though. I prefer their eggs to the metallic eggs anywho ~Charm
  14. Scroll click is the secret. Don't go back to look if you were able to catch one, just scroll click it and move onto the next one. Once they're done dropping, go check if you were lucky enough to get one ~Charm
  15. They look like little llamas with wings lolz ~Charm
  16. Alright, got my 3. Need to wait 4 more hours until I can drop the white egg misclick. Bleh lol. ~Charm
  17. I've only gotten one so far. I was locked, so couldn't get more than one But I incubated my dragons and will soon have 3 more spaces for the next hourly drop :3 Think I'll influence this one... Female... I think I have found my favorite dragon. I'm in love <3 lol ~Charm
  18. Wow, this egg is BEAUTIFUL! I didn't even know there was a new dragon until I went to stick my eggs into hatcheries lol. Nicely done ~Charm
  19. I can't stop starring at the gorgeous little hatchies, they're so pretty!
  20. Oh wow, theyre really pink! lol Edit: http://dragcave.net/valentines13/charmersdraggies My lonely flower LOL
  21. Happy Valentine's! Be my Valentine!
  22. I agree. I was going to post an egg, but I've seen a few that the people haven't posted back.
  23. 3 successful bites and 1 kill for the last 2 weeks, I believe. No repulses. Edit: Test
  24. Okay, they're pretty I was wondering why mine were males, but everyone's are males lol