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  1. Have: 4th Gen Radiant Angel/ Gold Checker Want: Bloodswap Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Forum name rangerlucy PM link: PM Link Valentines I can breed CB’s – I can breed these with most breeds aside from Gold, Silver or Prize. - x2 Val 09 - x2 pink sweetling (1 reserved for HeartJacker13) - x2 Arsani - x2 Radient angel - x2 Heartstealing - x2 Mutamore - x2 soulstone Checkers (Links to siblings/ parents) Val 09 X White iFfSz (I can breed any gen from 2nd- 7th if you need a mate message me and I’ll see what I can do) 3rd Gen Sweetling x Moonstone Qd4ii 4th gen Sweetling x White hMqtt 4th Gen Rosebud X Gold ( ys45j x l54hw ) 5th Gen Rosebud X White spNI8 3rd Gen Radiant Angel x Lunar Herald (gold) s7RYS 3rd Gen Radiant Angel X Nebula (Red) LtqZR 4th Gen Radiant Angel X Nebula (Red) CKWvM Valentine’s I need ( will update later) 2nd gen from white Any gen Val 09 x white unrelated to iFfSz 3rd gen sweetling x Canopy unrelated to 3I5Qo  4th Gen RA X Nebula (red) unrelated to CKWvM Mates I Need (links to mates) 3rd & 4th gens sweetling x Blue Nebula 3rd gen 4th gen 4th gen sweetling x Canopy qeXXt 3rd gen Rosebud x Copper jJWkm 3rd Gen Rosebud x Thunder SKqum  3rd gen RA X Copper x2HBC 3rd Gen RA x Gold vj6OJ Thank you tjenni 3rd Gen RA x Gold Luna Herald s7RYS 4th gen Magia x Heartsteeling augvG Thank you tjenni
  3. Forum name: rangerlucy List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: I Have CB Holly X2 Yulebuck Snow angel X2 (gold wings) RIbbon Dancer X2 Winter Magi X2 Wrapping wing X2 Solstice X2 Mistletoe X2ribbon Da Ageis (pacified) X2 Snow X2 Garland X2 3rd gen Ribbon Dancer/ Sunsong Sibling LIst of Christmas Mates I need: 3rd Gen Flamingo X Yulebuck Mate for Thank You Terces 4th Gen White X snow Angel (gold) Mate for 3rd Gen Frostbite X Ribbon Dancer Mate 3rd Golden Wyvern X Ribbon Dancer Mate 3d Magi X Ribbon Dancer mate 3rd sunsong X ribbon dancer mate 5th Flamingo X Ribbon Dancer mate 3rd Gold X winter Magi mate 4th gen Thank You Terces 3rd speckle throated X winter magi mate 3rd Winter X wrapping Wing Mate 3rd silver X wrapping wing 1 2 3rs sunset X wrapping wing mate 4th gold X wrapping wing Mate 5th Royal crimson X wrapping wing mate List of Christmas Dragons I need:
  4. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: rangerlucy Scroll Name: rangerlucy Group Name: rangerlucy's Secret Santa 2018 group. Wishlist: 1. CB gold, CB Silver, any 2nd gen prize 2. CB Copper, 3rd gen Prize 3. Dino, prizekin 4. 2nd gen white from 2018 caught Val 09 5. A holiday checker (no holiday offspring) 6. Nicely lineaged Canopy, any lineage you are proud of 7. surprise me Breeding abilities: I have CBs of most dragons including all holidays, I do not have any CB golds, silvers or prize. I have a decent number of holiday lines that I can breed especially valentines, along with some other checkers, I don't as far as I know have any alt lines. I have a number of CB, or nicely lineaged BSAs that I can breed Catching abilities: I can usually catch trios, zyus, Papers and cheese fairly reliably. xeno's I catch occasionally. I can't catch CB golds or silvers and struggle with aeons and dino's. Anything more common I should be able to catch fairly reliably. Trading abilities: I did have some success with trading for alt lines last year. Teleport abilities: I have plenty of Magi's
  5. I had a similar issue yesterday when I went breed https://dragcave.net/lineage/Uo5aZ with their holiday mate. and looking through the breeding pages some of my Valentines it would appear any pairs that were only breed last valentine their mate isn't showing at the top of the breed page.
  6. Can breed sibling of 5th and 6th gens of the same lineage 2nd gens of Arsani, Radiant Angel, Heartstealer, mutamore and soulstone WANT Bloodswap preferably 3rd or 4th gen, unrelated to jKmvO, SyeeN, OZGbS I really want the 3rd gen val 09 from white, I'll consider anything for the 2nd gens
  7. Not using influence on checkers picked in the AP, now I have a heap of checkers where the dragon is gendered wrong abandoning a CB gold luna herald, that I thought I didn't need only to find I don't have any and need one to breed to one of my radiant angels to breed a mate
  8. CB black Zyu if one for their giftee- just offer dummy egg Black Zyu
  9. CB cheese if anyone needs one for their giftee, just offer a dummy egg Cheese As its been 8 hours with out any interest I've put it up for trade, if you still need it PM me
  10. If anyone is still in need of a CB Fire gem I have 1 each of red and green available. PM me
  11. Forum name ranger lucy PM link: PM Link List of Valetines I Can Breed: CBs I have can breed with almost anything apart from CB gold/ sivler/ prize - x2 Arsani - x2 Radient angel - x2 Heartstealing - x2 Mutamore - x2 soulstone Checker lines links to siblings - 6th gen Val 09 X white 0u8sS - related 4th and 5th gen of the above - 4th gen sweetling X white (will be able by val) List of Valentine's I need: - Val 09 X white 0u8sS -I've given up on finding an unrelated 6th gen so want lower gens to build one up - on above unrelated 2nd gen Val 09 from white - 3rd and 4th gen rosebud from white for 4uClH, 5fYnm - 3rd gen radient angel from white for w9F8V - 3rd gen heartseeker from ribbon dancer mate to CzSPI - 4th gen heartseeker from ribbon dancer mate to IoZjJ List of Valentine mates I need: 2nd gen moonstone from sweetling 3rd gen+ white from Val 09 unrelated to 0u8sS 4th gen pillow from heart seeker unrelated to LzgeD 2nd gen gold from heart seeker 2nd gen Balloon from heartseeker
  12. I'm trying to do a golden wyvern/ amerald checker my 4 CB pairs have only given me ameralds despite having breed each pair about 8 times
  13. It could be that the garland to the bottom extends the size of the egg somewhat so the crack while in the centre of the image isn't actually centred on the egg
  14. I Picked up a heap of checker lines from the AP this year, just some of them for the moment https://dragcave.net/lineage/DNROM - Thanks Naturelover13 https://dragcave.net/lineage/Txn22 - Thanks breeder https://dragcave.net/lineage/CzSPI- Thanks Genna06 https://dragcave.net/lineage/7UIzv - Thanks Terces https://dragcave.net/lineage/HFERq- sara4cows https://dragcave.net/lineage/OxOAf- Thanks Tishavara
  15. always white and gold- at least mine show white and gold and I have gold wing ones
  16. I agree I was having to re-abandon so many the other day
  17. I'm also having messages saying im at my limit for species i have no CBs
  18. Report · Quote · Posted November 25 (edited) \ I Want to Sign Up! Forum name: ranger lucy Scroll name: rangerlucy Wishlist: 1. CB gold/silver 2. 3rd/4th Gen Prize 3. Dino 4. CB Fire Gem 5. white from white/ Val 09 checker, any gen, unrelated to him 6. Any even Gen 7. Any canopy, preferably lineaged Breeding abilities: I have CBs of the post 2012 holidays and most Halloween dragons, I have CBs of most uncommons and some nice even gen lineages. Catching abilities: I can occasionally catch Trios and Zyumorph, I can usually catch uncommons and BSAs Trading abilities: I have none Teleport abilities: I'm fine for magi
  19. It's part of the scarf, it appears when you put the scarf of
  20. I don't mind Amerald and Golden Wyvern http://dragcave.net/lineage/2ANrm
  21. I would like to sign up, all eligible dragons will be sorted at the end of my scroll and have the name flute
  22. I want to change my wishlist! Forum name: ranger lucy Wishlist: rangerlucy 1. CB copper 2. CB or low gen Trio 3. CB or low gen lunar 4. CB or low gen Gemshard 5. nice even gen 6.nice lineaged canopy
  23. I want to sign up! Forum name: Scroll name: Wishlist: 1. CB copper 2.CB or low gen Trio 3.CB or low gen lunar 4.CB or low gen Gemshard 5.A 5th EG white/ valentine 09 checker (mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/GNbML) or any other nice even gens 6.nice llineage canopy Breeding abilities: I have most CB holidays post Halloween 2012 along with a few other CB uncommons along with some nice EG lines Catching abilities: I can usually catch CB uncommons and BSAs anything rarer I'm not particularly good at.
  24. I Would Like to Update My List! Forum name:ranger lucy Birthday: may 29th Original List: Harry Potter 1. Magma -any gen 2. Soulpeace 3.Bluna Revised List:1.CB gold 2.shimmerscale 3.red