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  1. Sweetling x male Black Tea is my main one. But also... Basically Sweetling x lots of males.
  2. About the real-world medieval figures: that's always been something we considered against the rules, I think based on Sock's posts of extended description guidelines that were deleted when she stopped being in charge of DescripForce (sadly, they had a lot of good info). So most of us have kept that original rule in our heads, and it's only recently that Sock stated time-appropriate figures are okay. She still suggested swapping a couple of letters to be on the safe side, though. So that rule is going to be a bit sticky for a while. I'm really curious about how you got a comment from a mod on your description, though... unless you mean a moderator just approved the description and published it to your dragon's view page? I've never heard of an actual moderator leaving a comment while checking descriptions. Only reviewers do that. ~Edit: Ah, here we go. I know Herk likes to remind us that DC has two moons and therefore can't be on Earth.
  3. Just woke up and checked to see gendered hatchlings... the darker ones look like they've been dipped in chocolate, haha. I like the dark red ones the best so far, though the red-purple aren't too bad either; while I am glad to see more orange dragons in the Cave I'm not a fan of the color itself.
  4. "It likes garnets, but only certain kinds." - Yep, I'm feeling more positive in my naming suspicions. The hatchie is cute! I want to see the others (and all the other stages!) too, though! I refuse to be patient. ~eta: Oh, congrats TCA!
  5. Hmm, I might know the names of these... actually, I'm pretty sure I do. I just don't know what they look like, so this will be an interesting release. And maybe a surprise, if I'm wrong! TJ's are so close to hatching. Or they're cracked at least; I'm impatient. *pokes them with a big stick*
  6. Yay, I have a pair of each now. And I didn't have to give up either of the Black Teas I need for a lineage. Now just have to wait for TJ's to hatch.
  7. I just finished watching Listen (yes, I'm always very behind!) At least I will see Time Heist tonight when it airs, since I'm actually somewhere with a television for once! I did really enjoy Listen, and it reminded me a lot of the 10th Doctor's episode Midnight (which is one of my favorites). I think I just tend to like darker episodes with ambiguous monsters. But I am not a fan of all the focus on Clara so far... on the other hand, I'm really liking Capaldi's grumpiness. I rarely like companions very much in general.
  8. Asljfldkjf, why three types to collect?? I have two Black Teas hatching in 5 hours and 12 hours, respectively, but now I have to decide whether to drop those or not once I lock the rest of my slots with new eggs. :/ LOL, thanks anyway TJ! I felt like something was going to happen this weekend. I accidentally caught 3 from the Alpine when I only wanted 2, dang it.
  9. Voted! It is becoming very hard indeed, and I'm getting nervous for some of the breeds I really love! I definitely like the Archipelagos but as I've said before, Antareans are just my absolute favorite and I'm trying to avoid giving Both or Null votes. And I do like both Dazzeltail and Dark Weaver, but... trying to just pick one. Sigh. :/ Blossom Angels. <3 ~Edited because I mixed up breed names.
  10. Yep, I see it. It was also brought up in Tiny Little Questions, so it looks like TJ's tweaking things. :3
  11. Hmm, okay. Darn, I just checked it for Incubate and it worked fine. :/ Yeah, I understand the mobile browser issue which is why I'll use any action OTHER than Fertility on my phone now.
  12. He didn't say that's what the site will look like. That was the way the Cave looked years ago, before eggs were hidden, and it's very unlikely that it will go back to that.
  13. I'm able to avoid using Fertility on my phone since I have a laptop, even if I switch between the two devices quite a lot. So this wouldn't help me personally, but I would like to point out something that might help your friend: I think this can be done via URL. All of my Purples are on CD at the moment so I can't test, but if it's the same as Incubate then the url is going to be: So if you go to a dragon's Actions page, you just have to add /action and the code of the dragon you want to Fertilize to the URL and it should take you to the verification page. It may not be particularly fast, and you'd have to copy the code instead of just typing a name, but she could try it. ~Edit: Of course your suggestion would be a lot easier way to solve her issue, but in the meantime this might be better than a crashing browser.
  14. Sometimes people do confuse it, yes, but not always. Many people do know the correct use of those words, thankfully! Than = comparison Then = referring to time, or used in an "if/then" statement ~Edit: Whoa, 407 replies and 21 pages into this thread. It feels like we only recently opened it so that's very weird to realize!
  15. Hehe, that works! I actually considered if the misspelling was on purpose like that, so that the name isn't taken exactly from the SCP lore (which is probably better, anyway). Hence my curiosity.
  16. I just want to say that this is super awesome, in both concept and the drawing. All of your skeletons are really amazing as well, and so realistic. I've always been impressed by your stuff (I saw a lot of it in Sock's Ask-A-Mod thread). :3 To be honest, I used to design a bunch of weird creatures like that when I was really young, but then didn't do any for ages. So when I finally started developing my own serious fictional world, I was out of practice and have largely neglected the fauna aspect of it other than generic mentions of creatures, in favor of focusing on the civilization. It's been 6 years since I started conceptualizing and working out the details, so I really should work on the animals because it's holding the whole creation back. Inspiration is just hard, and it doesn't come as easily as when I was a kid... Sorry for the random personal thing, but your creature designs just reminded me of that! Keep doing the cool art; you're great. <3
  17. I've seen this thread before and never said anything because I'm really not experienced with anatomy and critiquing things. But no one else has commented so... I really like the color scheme and big floppy ears (I love big ears on things); you could probably just put this in the DR section and it would be fine to start with, especially since more people will see it there and give you some crit. One thing that sticks out to me is that I feel like their hindquarters should be a bit more powerful/larger, since they do so much leaping and hopping. Like I said though, I'm not an expert on this stuff so don't quote me on it. So yes, they are cute and I'd like to see where this goes once you're able to get around to working on them.
  18. She means that instead of: You should say: She just typo'ed the "or", because Herk makes an ungodly number of typos. x3
  19. I voted. I was torn between two because I liked them both, but peridot is my birthstone...
  20. Ha, a Vampire actually turned an egg instead of killing it like mine tend to do. (I bred that and then realized I shouldn't have done so yet, and bit on a whim...)
  21. I'm not sure if you mean it like this or not. Basically the idea to have a comment box there for the author of the description to make notes and explain themselves? Or do you mean an ability to send a direct, personal response to the particular reviewer without having to resubmit your description? I feel like the latter would also require the release of that scroll messaging system that's been suggested. I'm not against it, but I do have the same concern about misuse of it. That could be worked around based on how it's implemented, though. It could definitely be helpful; I just need to know more about how you're imagining it. x3 (I think I forgot to put that thread I linked into the third post of DescripForce when I was compiling the list of suggestions. I will have to check that...) ~EDIT: Nope, it was there in the third post after all. Maybe I should put it in a different category though...
  22. Haha, there's nothing wrong with that. I was intending to point out the changes in the Thuwed sign-ups more than anything. :3
  23. Just pointing out that nobody can immediately get back on the list right after getting their egg anyway: TJ recently changed it so that you can't sign back up for 5 weeks. He also does open the list at a variety of times; Tawanda001 made an approximate timetable here. I do agree that publicly announcing in advance when the list opens would be awful. Then everybody would be fighting to get on, and we'd still have the usual complaints of people with bad Internet having trouble. Randomly opening it would definitely be better to avoid chaos, like you said. >.<
  24. I've been falling off of things in BioShock Infinite too often to be funny any more. I quickly learned that you CANNOT always take a running jump to try and get on an airship or other floating thing even if it looks pretty close... I got stuck on the side of one and couldn't jump back up so I just had to accept my fate as I slowly slid down into the abyss of the sky. <.< Basically I'm just a big mess of fail.
  25. Words. I can easily think in pictures, emotions, or abstract concepts if I want to but words are definitely my default. Makes sense though, considering I tend to be analytical and wordy when I write.