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  1. Pfft, everything Process makes is gorgeous. Those Lacewings are my second favorite thing on the CL and I've always liked the Saevios as well. Hey TCA, make a Touhou dragon next, pleeaaaaase. :3 And there were eight eggs in August. *rolls eyes*
  2. Wow, really? So TJ totally changed his usual system of egg numbers? I wonder why. ~But then, we all do know he's a troll anyway. Fits the Homestuck theme too.
  3. Darn, so not different wing markings. I wonder what the difference is, then? This is most unusual because TJ's egg numbers and subsequent dimorphism has always been very predictable. *squints suspiciously at TCA* Tell us! Hmm, on a side note: looking at them I feel like I can definitely see Process' touch in there a bit. Very distinct style <3
  4. TJ has the magical ability to revert adults back to hatchlings so that he can freeze them. I think that's what usually happens; everyone grows up at first.
  5. You have! I haven't liked the newly released dragons this much since almost March. Ooh, I rather hope they breed different Avatars. That could make an interesting lineage... TJ collects gendered sprites; he has 4 eggs if adults and hatchlings are dimorphic, because he freezes a hatchling of each gender. And just 2 eggs if there's no dimorphism at all. In this case, he has 3 eggs of each because the adults should be dimorphic and hatchlings aren't. 3 colors, 3 eggs each equals 9 total. (I'm suspecting their wing markings are all different but poses are the same).
  6. Probably not, since TJ freezes hatchlings. He should just be freezing one of each since they aren't dimorphic as hatchlings, so only two poses per adult color. His regular pattern of doing that has been consistent for ages, so I can't see that being changed now... (Of course, they may accidentally grow up now since that often happens, but since he's TJ he can revert them back to hatchlings and then freeze.)
  7. Ooh they're gorgeous! I love them SO much, and I'm really surprised. Pyropes are probably my favorite, but I even like the Spessartines even though I disliked their orangeness as hatchies. Love the different markings. I really want to see the other adults now... and figure out the mystery. Congrats to TCA and Process. I also kinda want to see those people who were speculating on names and guessed the correct ones respond. It was fun watching their theories (but less fun having to hold back and not give hints!).
  8. Sock ambiguously said that it's drawing closer to 10k. I'm not sure if I want to know anything more exact. >.< You're doing better than me; I'm reviewing a little bit each day but at this rate it's not enough to catch up. I need a holiday where I don't have to worry about anything but reviewing!
  9. There's some issues with that chart; it's good for interest purposes but certainly not completely accurate. All we really know for sure is that Blacktips are "small", which is very generic (think of a small horse vs a small bird)... but that's why some artistic liberty is allowed. I wonder if the Encyclopedia would give more information about sizes and such. Probably not, but that would be cool to know. *is a fan of details*
  10. omg. Tomorrow seems to be the annual German Food Day in the campus cafeteria. I'm so exciiiiiiited and I'm going to eat so much sauerkraut. o3o
  11. I think that out of all the sprites so far they definitely are the toughest to tell apart. I can tell the difference when I compare them (both yours and my own), so they're different images and not glitched. Just really similar.
  12. Aaaaand got my last Coast so that's all my new dragon requirements fulfilled. It even has "debt" in the code; I hope the Cave isn't trying to tell me anything! Good luck to everyone still hunting for their eggs. :3
  13. I recall many other people saying that they don't receive emails of new release threads in the past. I think it might be purposeful, unless it's just an error that happens a lot. But I've never heard anything about it being fixed. So the subscriptions for News probably aren't reliable, unfortunately. :/ Those names are beautiful, A+.
  14. Okay, got my second Alpine pair as well and a single Coast. Unfortunately I misclicked a Glaucus that I can't even bite, so I'm stuck for several hours until I can get the last Coast needed to fulfill my quota. The Volcano was definitely the easiest for me to get eggs from on the 5-minute drops, and Coast was the hardest... had to survive the hour drop to get an egg from that. >.<
  15. It looks like a palindrome but it totally isn't... *sobs quietly*
  16. I've started getting hatchlings now! And I already caught my second pair of Volcanoes. I want two CB pairs of each color, so now onto Alpine and Coast... *crosses fingers*
  17. And today I want a jacket and I'm trying to avoid walking in the shade so that I at least get some warmth from the sun... the weather needs to pick a temperature and stay that way. <.<
  18. Wow, I keep checking the votes and some things are just so close. It's like watching a really intense sports game! It's making me rather nervous. But then there's those dragons that have a ridiculous margin... *pats darling Blossom Angels* WHY is Charcoal losing to the Celestial Imitators?? o_O Edit because wow, grammar.
  19. Name : MM Harmonie Reborn Breed : Avatar of Change Mate/s : MM Demon Oni Fail to produce : Anything. I just need a Gen3 Avatar from them to finish off this lineage and they're JERKS. Progeny : Psssh. I've been breeding since July with "no interest" and "no egg produced" being my only results. :C -Wow, after posting they finally bred an egg. *wipes sweat off forehead*
  20. Mine finally have huge holes (except for one that's getting close...) and it took them almost 3000 views to get there. I'll be getting hatchlings in 2-3 hours, yay! I hate having to wait over a day for TJ's hatchlings to grow up, though. I'm so impatient. On an unrelated note, my Leetle Tree turned orange and it matches all the eggs below it very nicely! Color coordination. *o* ~That one younger egg caught up! Everything's got a big hole now.
  21. Mine don't have cracks yet, but then again I let mine gather views really slowly until the last several hours (since I incubated)... they've got about 16 hours left until 4d. I'll probably go toss them in another hatchery.
  22. Minestrone soup with chips and guacamole. I had some salsa too, but sadly it wasn't spicy enough so it tasted like tomato water... I was visiting my family, and they don't have the appreciation for spiciness that I do so what they buy is always too mild for me. :/
  23. Hot... I went horseback riding at 7am yesterday and by the time I got back at 10am it was already uncomfortably warm. Gotta love Texas.
  24. I've never used Earthquake, and I'm never going to try. I have used the Kill action before to force things, but even when I wait until there's under an hour left and the egg has a large hole (I'm impatient) I've had one or two die on me. So I've largely stopped attempting that at all...
  25. I'm not so sure about that... the only releases that drop without mixing for that long are holidays, which are special cases. Looking back at the August and May releases, those started mixing after far less than a day (or even less than 12 hours) after the initial drop and I definitely see those breeds in the biomes a lot so they're not rare (Undines, Frostbites, Falconiforms). There's even a suggestion thread to have releases drop without mixing for a full 24 hours, so it's not something that happens often. ~Edit: looks like July releases started mixing in less than a day as well. And those breeds are definitely common.