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  1. Alright, so recently these two posts of Sock's in TLQ had me confused... So I PM'ed her for clarification and wanted to post the response here (with permission): The reason we originally didn't allow real world references/cultural references was because it was originally in the description guidelines. I was inactive at the time TJ removed it and, tbh, when I came back, I didn't register that it was gone. But since it's no longer in the guidelines, I do not think it is fair for mods to reject based on it. I'm uncomfortable with it, I'd prefer if people didn't do it, but there's nothing in the guidelines that says they can't. Maybe those people exist in DC, maybe they don't. But nothing on the site says yes/no either way. xP So, make of that what you will. I just wanted to provide an update. I know it's kinda... weird, and totally against what we've been doing before. But personally I prefer to review closely to the criteria the mods are using, or at least the best I can guess, to try to avoid inconsistencies and having reviews challenged by writers. So I guess we'll see. Would be awesome to get some real solid canon about the actual world of DC. Dunno if the Encyclopedia would even cover that, though. ~eta: I'm exhausted and stressed, so apologies in advance if there's any confusion or bad wording on my part. Brain's working at about half the usual strength. x3
  2. That's the last line. I am SO DONE with Avatars, finally! They hate cooperating.
  3. I can't believe I just watched 4 hours of Cinema Sins to make myself feel better.
  4. How did I even typo that?! I know I've been stressed and out of my mind lately, but still.
  5. I didn't, but I believe another friend was able to record part of it. I'll check the next time I see them and try to get it for you. Alright, of it. There's no audio because we don't know what we're doing, but at least you can see how the fan is pretty much the only thing working. Pretty boring actually, as we just sat there until the time rolled over. x3
  6. Dimar


    I am going to attempt it for the first time this year, though my preparations have not been going as well as I would like. I'm a bit worried about how my schedule and other responsibilities will conflict with finding the time to write, but I guess we'll see. I am looking forward to it, regardless! I need to go look at the forums more and start getting in the mood for November. If anyone wants my username, feel free to PM me on here and ask for it; I just don't want to post it publicly.
  7. After an inordinate amount of time breeding this pair, I finally got an egg. I swear, the Avatars of Change hate me while Creation and Destruction happily breed.
  8. Temeraire. That is awesome, especially the first. I want onnnnnne. o3o
  9. It's nice to see lots of interest still being shown for this thread, but note that the artist hasn't posted since March and she doesn't have any recent dragons on her scroll. If she does happen to return, that's a whole lot of requests to try to catch up on. Seems unlikely to happen anytime soon. o_O
  10. I didn't, but I believe another friend was able to record part of it. I'll check the next time I see them and try to get it for you.
  11. Ah yes, this game. I've got a friend who bought it and he has streamed it for our chatroom. I like to joke that he beat 4/20, even though it doesn't actually count because it was all due to a glitch. Said glitch suddenly made everything except the fan in the office and the door controls turn black. The monitor didn't work, doors didn't do anything, nada. It was just the void. Foxy's footsteps ran down the hallway and we heard the following scream, but my friend didn't die. Nothing happened. So we just stared at the fan until it timed out at 6am. :3
  12. Aww, I'm sad to see some of those breeds go, chiefly Charcoal, Citrus, and Dark Weaver. I'm glad Assassino won though, since the sprites are getting that update that looks gorgeousssss so far. Voted on the next set! In this group I like Frill-Gill and Glorious Maned the most... there were a couple of hard choices though.
  13. Same as what most people have said, the animal should be made use of after its death and it should be done responsibly. I don't LIKE hunting in general, but if the animal is eaten or turned into something useful then that's better than purely for sport. I've always been around hunters; my grandfather hunts birds with his dogs and I live in a rural area where it's extremely common (I've been horseback riding and stumbled onto hunters, which is sometimes a bit alarming). The beginning of dove/etc. seasons were always announced over the intercom at the high school I attended and it was practically a celebration among a large number of students. I can't see the appeal, but then I can't even squish most insects.
  14. Why don't you try purebreeding them to check? I just bred a purebred Pyrope and purebred Almandine, and the eggs came out the same color as the parents. Obviously not a large enough sample set to get any conclusive results on, but it's something. :3
  15. I've started getting adults as well! But I'm kicking myself for breeding my GoNs last night... could've tested Avatars. >.<
  16. I was intending that to be in a more joking tone, but alright. Bad wording on my part, I apologize.
  17. Thanks for this info, TCA! I always love seeing more backstory about the dragons.
  18. Hmm, the Tidals aren't bad because they don't look TOO red. Tecca, you always put together nice pairings and lineage mock-ups. <3 I usually don't like much with Marrows, but this is cool! Worth considering for Halloween (not sure what I'm doing at all for that so far). _________________________________________________________________ Those are probably my favorite pairings now, besides the Sweetlings of course. Don't know why I bother looking at so many pairings though, since I'm just going to purebreed them as I always do with new releases...
  19. Just two of mine have gendered so far, and it looks like they did so with about 4200-4300 views. My other hatchlings are in the mid-3000s and they haven't gendered either. They're all a bit lower time than yours (except for one) at 5d1h. ~eta: I could probably plop them in another small hatchery. I'm just overly careful with new releases and holidays sometimes... ~edit again: Hey! A Spessartine just gendered with 5d5h and 3900 views. She's an anomaly so far. o_O
  20. There wasn't any dimorphism after all: TJ had extra adults just to trick us. Once they grew up, he eventually removed the duplicates from the first post.
  21. That is true, though then again he doesn't have to put all of his dragons into the first post. He could collect an infinite number of them and we wouldn't know. In any case... Haha, apparently he has removed the duplicates from the first post. Wow. NOW they match the number scheme for dimorphism. Personally I don't mind the lack of dimorphism: I like having a mixture of dimorphic and single-sprite breeds. I tend to purebreed new dragons to Gen4, to guarantee that I have a decent collection of them. And sometimes it's nice to have a uniform lineage instead of one that's more busy. She said something like that she never considered the rarity or made a decision, so for now only TJ knows. I haven't seen a nifty profile yet so I don't think so...
  22. Everyone should know by now that I always line up new dragons with Sweetlings first, so... Sweetlings look MASSIVE next to them but it's still good. Royal Crimsons aren't bad as well but I want these guys with something other than more red. YES, I like these.
  23. Everyone should know by now that I always line up new dragons with Sweetlings first, so... Sweetlings look MASSIVE next to them but of course they look nice (I swear Sweetlings match everything). I do prefer the alts with them though, just so that it's not overpoweringly pink. I think I like this. Might be better if the Pyralspite were a slightly lighter shade, but the purple is still nice. *drools* Gosh, I really want that but Valentine's Day season is chaotic enough with just Sweetlings. I literally will have zero room for extra Rosebuds. :C
  24. Everyone should know by now that I always line up new dragons with Sweetlings first, so... Sweetlings look MASSIVE next to them but the colors are fabulous. Godzilla sweets. :'D OMG, I looooooove this. <3 -eta: Also the Embers that Tecca just posted above! I feel ya, Sock. Especially since I test them all with Sweetlings and have to basically copy the same post over into three threads. I guess I'll change some text...