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  1. Aaand I got all my pairs. Good luck to everyone else, have fun!
  2. Ahahaha, I caught one and saw the breed name on the view page... I guess the Encyclopedia wants to make name-theorizing easy for us. The adult's silhouette is there too.
  3. Cool, thanks and Happy Halloween! I attempted Zombies first: 2 successes out of 5 adults, not bad. The eggs look nice. I'd like to code hunt but will be too busy tomorrow to devote time to it, so I'll just lock myself now.
  4. It's "knocked out". Those terms are all very similar but used in slightly different ways. You say that people are "knocked out" if they're asleep or have been punched really hard. Knockout would be used as an adjective with the subject that CAUSES the people to be knocked out. Such as a "knockout punch".
  5. Haha, I didn't write it but I do have their baby! The reviewer must have checked to see who owned it. It's a good description, nothing wrong with romance.
  6. *condenses two posts into one so it's less spammy* Hrm, by my estimates it looks like I won't be able to get back into reviewing until February. November is going to be consumed by NaNoWriMo, December has finals week and my return to my holiday job, and I will be spending pretty much the entire month of January busy in London. Sorry, guys. I wish I could be more regularly helpful. Of course, no problem! More people reviewing and helping out is always appreciated. I'll go add your name into the signature list. Asking Herk. In all seriousness, I only describe special cases but when I do it's usually based on jokes from the chatroom or a cohesive project like my Night Vale Nhiostrifes, whose names were just begging for descriptions. My Sweetlings, on the other hand, sometimes get their inspiration from their lineages or lines in the official breed description but are mostly random thoughts I wrote down during the year that I wanted to incorporate into someone's personality. And when I ran out of ideas, that's when I asked Herk. Because she is a genius. ______________________________________________________________________ ab613, I added you to the signature list as well. I'm also sticking my post about the Encyclopedia's effect (or, rather, lack thereof) on reviewing into the first post for the time being so that it doesn't get buried if anyone is wondering about it. Yep, gotcha.
  7. This conversation comes up again every so often. Using double spaces is an acceptable style for descriptions, so reviewers shouldn't be Rejecting based on that. If there's only one sentence with a double space and the rest of them in the paragraph are single spaced, then I will point it out on the basis of consistency and the fact that it looks like a typo. Otherwise, don't worry about it. -edit because ugh, words
  8. It seems like the Oddities are referring to the Magnificent Marvels from last year, which are saved in the Wiki. I could be wrong, but "same collection of strange dragons as last year" certainly makes sense. I think it refers to the plot of the adventure. Something strange is happening around the Carnival and you have to solve it.
  9. Yes, you have the badge. It is in that list of images at the top of the scroll. It looks like:
  10. Actually it was a glitch, and TJ already fixed it. Holiday multiclutches will always consist of holiday eggs only, but the glitch caused other eggs to appear (including GoN eggs!).
  11. LOL and this is why I never breed immediately after TJ posts. The glitches are always as eventful as the holiday itself!
  12. Yay, Halloween! And another adventure-type event, very interesting. Thank you :3
  13. Voted! Definitely rooting for the Antareans and Blossom Angels. <3 Ouch. My next favorites directly against each other!
  14. I tend to get really close to the limit on the rare occasions when I do write descriptions. Unfortunately, excessive wordiness is part of my general writing style so that's part of the reason! That can be either good or bad, since it's a lot to read. As for that description, I would tell the person to give more detail about what they're trying to say. Obviously they mean they finally got a Black dragon and bred the dragon being described, but there's just not enough there to make a story or description.
  15. We're just going to be going off the view page description. Makes it easier on all of us. And hopefully nothing on the encyclopedia will conflict that much with anything anyone's come up with already, anyway. =p I'm just quoting this here because the bit about "new descriptions" is relevant to reviewing and was brought up in IRC today. This is pretty much what I expected: no need to become excessively strict about extra tidbits of information that not everyone has access to. The view page description is most important. Just something to keep in mind.
  16. World lore, thank god! I'm glad to see this out; will explore it when I actually have time. x3
  17. Excuse me while I attempt to contain my internal rage at the moment. I just want to be done with this neverending cycle. SO DONE.
  18. I noticed that as well, but I did find that their thread still exists in the Dragon Requests forum (even though it says Completed). Not sure what's up with that, but they haven't entirely disappeared at least.
  19. I voted on this set! I'm sad about the Saevio losing in the last one... it's so cool. There's not really anything in this set that I have really strong opinions about, though.
  20. I completely forgot about dinner, so I through some soup in the microwave and that was it.
  21. I wish I could get Minerva's Den. :C
  22. I voted. There are several in this round I'd like to see pass... mainly Poof Pygmy, Saevio, Seven-Colored, Silk-Tailed, and Spectacled.
  23. Voted! I like a lot in this group, but I'm especially rooting for Lacewing and Lepidoptera because those are a couple of my top overall favorites. I also hope to see the Ne'Enden Eastern continue on.
  24. Well, I'll breed mates for some Embers, but I don't really think I'll do much else myself. I do want to find a handful of Graves from alt Sweetlings so I can breed a base checker in the future, though. Holiday x holiday lineages take so long, but I like the pairing. :/