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  1. Antarean Black Ray Lindwurm Frill-Gill Dwarf Bok Choy Mithril Phantasm Dragon Regal Diamonds Tanglewyrm Eh, I really don't like the options in Mercury/Mithril nor Skymaster/Regal Diamonds. But I had to choose one for each. I'm very glad to see that Antarean got through; I didn't keep up with the thread very well and was under the impression that Assassino was winning (whose updates I really love, but still can't beat Antarean for me).
  2. Antarean Blossom Angels Charred Black Ray Lindwurm Duality Frill-Gill Dwarf Bok Choy Harptail Lepidoptera Dragons Mithril Porcelain Rain Silk-tailed Stratos Tanglewyrm Willowherb *crosses fingers for her favorites*
  3. Eww, stress eating. I should stop that.
  4. Thanks for this Gen2 Seragamma, unknown breeder! The code is highly amusing... the poor baby's personal information has been leaked, it seems.
  5. It's so cute. o3o I know it's just a Black Tea, but I'm really happy to have bred this.
  6. Whew, I FINALLY got up with Doctor Who (I got busy after The Caretaker and watched the rest of the episodes this weekend). They all seemed a bit lacking in logic to me, but still enjoyable! The finale was quite unexpected for me because I totally avoided spoilers this time. Pssh, I didn't mean to click Submit yet. I still like Capaldi's grumpiness. >But there's still too much Clara.
  7. Dimar

    2014-11-18 - Patch Notes

    I really like the news column! Quite nifty.
  8. Voted! Gosh, 4 dragons I really liked lost. How disappointing. I want to sob over the wondrous Lacewings but at least I love the Lepidoptera as well...
  9. Dimar

    2014-11-18 - Patch Notes

    I love the new tombstones and it's nice to see things getting fixed in the Encyclopedia. Thanks.
  10. I have always had indoor cats, and agree that it's far safer and more responsible to keep them like that. But I also agree with this. They are still taken care of and given food and veterinary attention, of course, and barn cats can be a godsend. I regret my personal barn wasn't designed with them in mind so I can't get any. The places I volunteer at with barn cats rarely lose any, because they don't stray far and receive good care, while they have far less of an issue with mice causing problems with livestock supplies. Happens all the time with dogs, at least in rural areas like where I live. They're all over the place (which can be very problematic just like cats).
  11. I just want to be alone. Forever. I can't do this people thing.
  12. I wish I could color things. I mean, I love sketchy styles so I don't really mind that I can only sketch, but man it'd be nice to actually clean things up and make them look presentable!
  13. Frill-Gill VS Carrots Dwarf Bok Choy VS Glacier Dragon Glorious Maned VS Goldwing Harptail VS Humming Indigo Fire VS Jade Lacewing VS Lepidoptera Dragons Lupine Drake VS Mercury Pygmy Mithril VS Ne'Enden Easterns Lotus VS Opal Paradise VS Phantasm Dragon Argh, Lacewing vs. Lepidoptera. I love both so much but the Lacewings have to take my vote because I don't want to use Both or Null. ;_;
  14. My favorites are the Shadow Walkers. While some of the others are quite nice, I like their simplicity and they're just plain pretty. o3o
  15. I was always told that I should be a vet due to my affinity for animals, but I knew from an early age that medical stuff was NOT going to be in my future. I wanted to be a graphic designer for a few years in high school, but came to terms with the fact that it wasn't going to happen. Then I just simply didn't know what I wanted to do and now I'm majoring in computer science, which is great because I love it, but as for a specific job title I still have no idea what I'm looking for. Though, my dream job that I've had since I was little and always knew was impossible is to be a pick-up man for rodeos. I still would love to do that, but thanks to physical limitations and utter inability to swing a rope I'm not exactly qualified.
  16. Finally got the Thuwed I've been waiting on!
  17. Wow, I like these guys with a lot of things! Magi and Grave are probably my favorite pairings, though Hellfires are really nice too.
  18. I quite like these! They're very ferocious and awesome, but I'm still not sure how I should name mine. Thanks for the additional concept stuff, birdz; I always love seeing that!
  19. Oh my god, I can't open this bottle of tea for the life of me. My hand is being rubbed raw and I'm thirsty. ;_;
  20. Ooh, descriptions are actually a really nice way to use NaNo (or at least as a productive alternative). Good luck to both of you! I am attempting NaNo with a proper novel, though this was a really bad weekend for it to start on since I was quite busy plus I'm unprepared in general. So we'll see how it goes. Added.
  21. Ooh, I quite like the hatchlings! Very fierce looking, and I can't wait to see the adults. Congrats to the spriters - I'm especially glad to see PieMaster finally getting in-cave. :3
  22. It had the breed name on the view page and the shadows visible on the Encyclopedia page. It looks like it's been removed now, probably to hide spoilers.
  23. I got 2/5 successful Zombies, which is good considering I didn't bother to make Zombie fodder until an hour ago. That is awesome, congrats!