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  1. Markiplier. He's really the only Youtuber that I keep up with (and especially the only LP'er that I like).
  2. Trying to make a pink Tunnel of Love but I'm not very good at decorating! Not sure what's up with all the fish. I still don't have my new eggs... will be grabbing those at the last minute thanks to a seemingly neverending supply of Sweetlings clogging my scroll slots.
  3. On a family site...? D; LOL, you mean this one? It looks like the bisexual flag to me: purple, pink, and blue. I think leather is actually blue, black, and white?
  4. My Sweetling is being stalked by a Deep Sea. D: I'm awful at decorating though, so I can't share my cave! Tabs, I love you.
  5. Haha, matchmaking? Sounds interesting. I won't be catching eggs until the very last day due to Sweetlings taking up so much room and beyond, but good luck to everyone who starts now! Happy Valentine's Day. :3 edit: eww I hate when a smiley ends up on its own line
  6. Yes, of course that is okay! Those are clearly dragons in the world of DC - even if they are based on other characters, they fit the lore and are not mentioning anything too modern. Ansela Jonla's Sean Bean description is also fine. -Edit: I want to clarify that it is perfectly fine to name a dragon after any fictional characters or real people and give them a nice description that plays on their name while still fitting in lore. That is far different than saying something like "This dragon lives near Hogwarts", in which case you would have to change the name or alter it to fit DC. Those are different scenarios.
  7. I'm just dropping here that I'm still looking for specific Gen2 and Gen3 Sweetlings! I'm more than happy to work out a trade - see my signature, though I also have some holidays that still haven't been bred. I currently have a CB Arsani, some Heartseekers x Red Nebulas, a Gen5 Val '09 x Pink checker, and numerous Sweetling lines available to breed. But a spreadsheet is also here with everything of highest priority that I am looking for, and details about what I can breed. Crossed out as Valentine's is over, of course. I'm still looking for some last Sweetling hatchlings if possible, EG or stairs.
  8. Sweetlings are my favorites. I bet you couldn't have guessed.
  9. Finally scroll-locked with Sweetlings but it's still not enough! I know I'll be getting more - thank goodness for friends who help hold stuff for me.
  10. Got my first hatchling, yay! It will change color. No one can have both types of Sweetlings on their scroll.
  11. If you're referencing a fictional work that was created by someone else, it's better to twist the name - that fits the nature of a parody better, anyway. Examples might be Hogwash or Pigboils (I'm not good at jokes, so that second one's bad and I apologize). It's a slightly different scenario than using real places whose names don't fall under copyright.
  12. I'm just hyped for more Sweetlings. The event and new dragon can be disappointing for all I care; Sweetlings are where it's at for me. And I'm going to die being drowned by them this Vday, I just know it... Though to be honest, I'm still hoping for a nontraditional Valentine dragon. I like the ideas posted above, but I've always been partial to a black-and-white tuxedo dragon for Vday. Classy and still romantic to fit the theme, but not pink. Maybe small red accents (like a rose on someone's lapel, you know).
  13. *sighs in contentment* Glad to finish that project!
  14. Congrats to everyone getting their eggs! As usual, it's fun to see what codes people picked... not sure what my favorites are so far. *coughs up drink in surprise* That's my name!
  15. Oh hey. That's Ralph Fiennes. The actor for Lord Voldemort totally just walked past us. ...aaaand of course I didn't get to shake his hand. At least one classmate did talk to him, that's close enough!
  16. I don't really like the lack of HM winners, but that's mainly for selfish reasons because I'd want one of those if I were to win. But since I most probably won't, then whatever. It'll be interesting to see the effect of this...
  17. Remarkably, all of my Solstices colored the way I wanted them to. A very nice surprise!
  18. Updating my previous record: Category: Lineages Title of Record: Longest Purebred Even-Gen: The Fever Wyvern Lineage Name of Submittant (forum name): Dimar Scroll Name (link): Dimar Proof for Record: http://dragcave.net/lineage/yrJBF What has changed?: Now 6th gen. And replacing somebody else's with mine: Category: Lineages Title of Record: Longest Purebred: The Fever Wyvern Lineage Name of Submittant (forum name): Dimar Scroll Name (link): Dimar Proof for Record: http://dragcave.net/lineage/yrJBF
  19. Rather disappointed with the finalists, but my vote goes firmly to Tanglewyrm.
  20. Dirtytabs rickrolled me and stayed anonymous until the very end.
  21. Yay, eggs! And I like the update; sending stuff is always fun. I wish the lighter-colored cards used dark text, though... it's hard to read! Oh well, still nice.
  22. Aww, Antareans. ;_; I do love the Blossom Angels, at least. Blossom Angels Frill-Gill Phantasm Dragon Tanglewyrm
  23. Cool, I've been waiting for the breeding season. This'll be fun. :3
  24. I got my third GoN! Finally I will have a male.