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  1. I finally got all of the eggs, thankfully. There's some very cool designs, but I think this one is my favorite: However I do like some of the other references like Monokuma, Phantom of the Opera, and the Madoka Magica ones. :3
  2. Oh no! I'm getting a late start thanks to work. I do see some cool-looking eggs, though, so I'm excited to get them. I always like fake eggs.
  3. I'm not as big of a fan with the Colossus as I am with the other two breeds, but it's not bad! Definitely nice to have a bulkier dragon again - I know several people who were hoping for something like that. The spriters all did very well, congratulations on getting more of your breeds in-cave! And thank you, of course.
  4. I have to do my usual first pairing tests... The Gemshards' poses don't really fit well with the Sweetlings, but the Rivers aren't so bad. Naturally, I like them. :3 The same pose imbalance still applies, but the red Gemshard's colors are nice together with alts.
  5. Considering TJ has 4 of them, it's almost guaranteed that there is. He has a predictable pattern based on dimorphism that determines how many dragons he posts - in the end, he always has one adult and one frozen hatchling of each pose. Of course, he has extra adults of the Rivers and Gemshards right now but that usually happens. He will go back and revert them to frozen hatchlings later. Besides... the hatchlings are already dimorphic! That's a good hint.
  6. Oooh I absolutely love both the Striped River and Gemshard dragons! They are really pretty and I can't wait for my own to grow up. o3o Still a few hours until the plated ones... dang, I hate waiting!
  7. In this context, it can also mean "edited to add".
  8. I have two greens so far. Luckily they've been influenced opposites... I really hope my other eggs come out as red or blue. <.<
  9. I don't even feel better after sleeping and that's usually how I cope with stuff... ugh.
  10. Well, I am very silly. I abandoned the extra Plated egg I had and went to replace it... only to go to the Forest and spastically click on more Plateds. I caught one, but luckily I just abandoned another that was off cooldown and have now reminded myself that I need a GEMSTONE. Not my proudest moment there.
  11. Tried to get my third Gemstone to lock me... and instead picked up an extra Plated. ARrrrrrrgh, I guess I'll dump it tonight and try again.
  12. Oh wow, I actually caught a pair of condensations and a pair of plateds on my first drop. Now I just need to lock myself with the gemstones... I guess I'll see what I get and find the other varieties later.
  13. This feels like the first release in ages! So many eggs, but I've only been semi-active for a few weeks so I'm glad to have something to get me engaged again. Of course, it's the day my laptop is having issues but oh well...
  14. *growls threateningly at all of the people who are creeping on Herk* I'm so glad you like it! It was a headache to complete but now I can finally share it.
  15. I just want to sleep because this has been the worst 24 hours in a long time. But now I'm mad and that makes it hard to relax. :/
  16. Currently keeping up with Durarara x2, Tokyo Ghoul √A, and Death Parade... recently finished SnK and The Devil is a Part-Timer, as well. I've been on a roll!
  17. If that happens, I would suggest sending a message to a mod who's known to review (e.g. Rubyshoes), with a copy of the description and ask for their feedback. There's always the possibility that it was an accidental misclick, which would explain why no reason was given and then you could resubmit. If you no longer have the description text, then you'll just have to write a new one. :/ (I know this has happened to someone before but I don't recall hearing what the final result was.)
  18. Category: BREEDERS - BREEDS Title of Record: Breeder with the most Valentine's Day 2010 - Sweetlings Name of Submittant (forum name): Dimar Scroll Name (link): Dimar Proof for Record: Everything is on the first page of my scroll. What has changed?: I now have 103 adults. I'm not actually expecting a thread update anytime soon, but I feel obligated to submit my new totals... oh well.
  19. Give me pink. It's not enough to collect Sweetlings. I must become one of them.
  20. My Sweetling ended up with a Pink! Not a bad result at all. I need to redecorate the cave for them, though... hopefully I actually get that done before the end of the event. I'm too slow. And I only have two Sweetling hatchlings left to grow up. It feels so weird to be at the end of the line. o_O Also I successfully achieved my goal of breaking 100 total Sweets, woohoo!
  21. Ooh, they're definitely pretty with Whites! I feel like we'll be seeing a lot of that pair going around. And I'm biased, but everything looks good with Sweetlings.
  22. I like the descriptions of the Heartstealing dragons more than the sprite itself, though it's good to see another Eastern regardless! They are pretty, just not quite my taste. They look like big hearts in the lineage view, haha. In other news, I'm at 99 total Sweetlings! And a friend has promised to gift me the 100th one if I'm not able to acquire it myself, so either way it looks like I'll achieve my goal of breaking into the triple digits. *giddy excitement*
  23. To be fair, I have a lot of great friends who hold things for me! Teleports have taken up a large section of my bookmarks bar for the past week, and so I couldn't have done it without them. -Edited to add: Especially Herk, who goes crazy and wants to drown me in them. I can't stop her.
  24. Whew, looks like once I pick up my last teleport I'll have gathered 59 new Sweetlings. That makes my grand total 97 - I won't lie, I kinda want to scramble for three random hatchlings and make that a three-digit number. o_o Too bad I'm locked for another day, so I might run out of time... I like one of the codes I got for my new Valentine, Bamb9! So close to being Bambi. I can't wait to see these guys as adults.
  25. It feels pretty painful to be suddenly hated. Especially when it's over an accident and they refuse to believe that.