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  1. I got the game the other day without expecting to enjoy it because it's not really my usual style, but I actually do like it a lot and I'm nearly done (for the initial Neutral run). But I'm not sure I'll ever get past this guy... My favorite monster has to be the Mad Dummy but I also love Napstablook, Tsunderplane, and Doggo. I'm ashamed to admit that it took me about 28 hours to get the Snowdrake pun. -Later edit: Oh, I beat him... that wasn't as hard as I anticipated. o_O Time for True Pacifist! -Even later edit: Finished True Pacifist, now doing a Genocide run... I'm having a bad time.
  2. Entered, thank you for hosting this! And to Natayah for pointing me this way.
  3. Naturally I love them with pink Sweetlings. And just for fun...
  4. I love the adults! Very cool, and I do tend to like feathered wings. But I'm not sure of a naming scheme for mine yet...
  5. The rainbow Desipis are definitely my favorites from the potions that I've seen! Very cool. (Though, I haven't been doing much potion-making myself because I'm apparently really bad at finding good ingredients.)
  6. The giant Mints are going to haunt my nightmares. Just kidding, this is a really fun event. It was just rather frightening to click a link and see a mutant Mint!
  7. I'm so glad it's just one breed this time. Yay, a release!
  8. I can tell you right now that they look great with Sweetlings. /late
  9. The adults are beautiful! I accidentally read their breed as "Xenomorph" at first and had to do a double-take. And I'm sure I'm not the first. I haven't had time to hunt so I haven't gotten the chance to grab more CBs, but hopefully I can manage it soon...
  10. Ack, work is taking its toll on my DC activity! I'm late to the release. D: The eggs are beautiful! I usually try to breed PB Gen4s of each new release, but with 6 different color variants that might be too much of a challenge this time. Let's hope I can catch some quickly!
  11. I keep reflex breeding a CB Silver to a Shimmer even though I need to breed her to commons. :/
  12. Oh man, I'm watching the 100th episode right now and it's killing me. In a good way. A+
  13. Cool adults! I like something about all of them, but can't decide if the Hooktalons or Magelights are my favorites. Kinda sad that I can't breed any of these to Sweetlings, but I'll be doing PBs with them anyway.
  14. I really like the two-headed one so far! They are all nice but those look especially cool.
  15. Happy birthday, DC! I've gotten one of each egg, but I can't grab more just yet. I was not prepared.
  16. Tornadoes! Just finished up an exciting hour or two of them.
  17. OMG Tabs! That's beautiful, especially the OTP one. "I'm so glad I'm male."
  18. /TABS/ DRAW ME A SWEETLING I have demanded it and you must oblige, because I outrank you in IRC. ;D
  19. I was beaten to the alt Sweetlings, but I always test with both types! It's funny how big Sweetlings look when compared to other breeds like this, even though they're actually very small.
  20. The male is so cute, d'aww! He looks so happy and I want to cuddle him. The female isn't bad but I just especially love the dude. Thanks, Imbecamiel!
  21. I've gotten my first pair, but have to wait for other eggs to hatch before I can grab more. I certainly wasn't expecting a release! I'm still working on my PB lines of last month's breeds. Well, now I have my naming scheme for them!
  22. Though I see you don't want to state it directly, I think it'd be best to specify that she identifies as female. Otherwise readers will probably still think it's a mistake - and I would wonder the same if I saw it in the queue, because there's really nothing implying that she's trans other than the pronouns. I'm having trouble determining where an additional phrase would fit into your existing text. "Her family is very fond of her and her few friends have a deep respect for her and her female identity" is the best I can come up with. Maybe someone else has better ideas...
  23. Tabs, that's so perfect! I'm crying with laughter. Thank you very much for your contribution.
  24. Just dropping in to add that people who occasionally review descriptions might not be regulars on the forum, much less checking out this thread and others like it. While those of us who are visible do certainly make mistakes with BE and eventually learn otherwise, there are also reviewers who won't ever see these posts. So there will always be this problem of AE/BE confusion in comments, regardless of how often we try to remind everyone of the difference. :/
  25. The first one is my favorite for its color scheme and because it does have a dragon on it. My next favorites would probably be the grief seed and the watermelon, though I do like a lot of the other references!