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  1. So MANY PINKIES!!! I was scared that the fourth wall was going to break "Too Many Pinkie Pies" really amused me. It was nice to have a more lighthearted episode after the heavy foreshadowing and themes of The Crystal Empire. I did like seeing the sad side of the real Pinkie, with her stressing-out and worry for her friends. I wish there was more of her Pinkamena alter ego, though. But the test of watching paint dry was funny (And I'd just like to point out... when that clone made herself have fingers, I thought 'Lyra is going to be soo jealous...')
  2. I received a gift Gift report: Lady Dragoon -> Dimar: egg Do I need to be removed? Yes Happy Halloween! Grr, I have to keep editing this cuz I'm so bad with code!
  3. I hope this works - I am NOT GOOD WITH CODING. Just a newbie to this. Please add me to the lists Forum ID: Dimar Scroll Link: My Scroll Proof that I read the rules: Violets Happy Halloween! I will be at a debate tournament from 4 am on Saturday until midnight... so I won't be able to grab any eggs.
  4. Ooh, horses! My favorite animal! I've been around them my whole life, and I've spent years volunteering at an equine rescue, that also provides therapeutic riding for humans. I'm very emotional- I've seen so many beautiful, innocent horses come to the rescue with horrifying stories, but then I see them turn into healthy, happy creatures who share their hope with children who've been just as abused as they have. It's very touching. I've got 5 of my own, and one is my soul mate in horse form, without a doubt. We are the perfect match for each other, and it was fate that we came together. I got her from the rescue, and trained her. Her name's Sweetie; she's a piebald Tennessee Walker. Sweetie has made such an impact on me that she's inspired me to try and make a difference in the world of Tennessee Walker showing. It's awful, the torture that some of these gorgeous animals go through for the sake of the performing, and I want to save them. I want to help all horses, of course, but Sweetie's given me a particular passion for Walkers. Other than that, Gypsy Vanners are my fav.
  5. I'm studying to be a graphic designer, doing logos and posters and ads and typography and the like.
  6. Paper... Paper, everywhere...
  7. I don't believe in ghosts and things, but I have friends that do, so each to their own. However, I do like to joke that my house is haunted by my cat. She was put down a few weeks ago, but it seems like she refused to leave. Her meows are heard every so often, and the living room chair randomly creaks in the particular way it used to when she jumped on it. Also, I was walking down the hall the other day and saw a grey cat run at my feet, blurred. I jumped to the side so it wouldn't hit me, and it ran past. Then I realized, I don't have a cat anymore. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do leave a ball of paper out at night for her to play with if she wants to... At least she's a nice cat, not one of those that likes to scratch people!
  8. WOO! 14 days until Season 3! Can't wait! ... wow, three months ago I was refusing to watch MLP because I thought it sounded childish and stupid. How wrong I was!