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    I hate snow and cold. I live in North Texas, so I usually don't have to suffer it too much. But it snowed today! I'm visiting family in Mississippi, but I checked the security cameras from home on my computer feed and there's a surprising amount of it piling up. My herd of horses must be cold, good thing I'm going back tomorrow. Horses in the snow are so cute. That's the only good side to freezing weather. EDIT: NORTH Texas. I live in NORTH Texas. IDK why I said East.
  2. If anyone saw my first post about this, I'm deciding to go ahead and get the first member of my Sweetling-offspring hoard. I'm looking for a Gen2 egg/hatchling, any breed, from a Sweetling father. I have only one egg spot open on my scroll right now... I'll eventually take any Gen#, but for now I want to start with Gen2s. That is, any breed except Snow Angel, Winter Magi, or Ribbon Dancer. Silly scroll limits. I'll trade for it, but I can't say I have the best breeding stock yet nor the most cooperative dragons. But I'll do my best- I just want to get the first member of my collection! Got someone on it for me. But I'll still be searching for Sweetling babies in the future!
  3. Woah... Just went to the biomes to see if I could pick up any CB commons I need, and the biomes are full of the new eggs, but no one's in there trying to grab them. The counter says '0 users viewing this page' for most of the biomes. The eggs are just sitting there. This is my first DC Christmas, and I was surprised by the AP wall, but this just feels odd to me. Does it usually happen?
  4. I caught one... and then another without noticing, lol. Got my two! Thanks, TJ and all the spriters! And YAY the gingerbread house now works! I love you, TJ! <3
  5. Merry Christmas, y'all! (There's my Texan coming out, lol) Those are pretty eggs! I didn't catch one, though. But hey, I'm struggling with the decorating event. I can't get the decorations onto the house...
  6. I like it if it's done purposefully, with an intention and a pattern. I support responsible breeding. I'm not a fan of randomly picking mates. If I find one, I'm happy to raise it and give it a good home. It's just unlikely that I'll breed it myself. Although, I am planning an inbred lineage with my Trihorns and Cavern Lurker.
  7. Reading for School: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Reading for Enjoyment: Not really a book, in terms of a publication, but it's a fanfiction long enough and in-depth enough to be considered one by me. It's Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons by Somber. I finished the original by Kkat a few weeks ago, and I'm moving on to the side stories. It's awesome.
  8. I allowed my arrogant horse to get too close to the tree that had fallen over, blocking the trail. I should have turned her around. I know she thinks she's invincible and is a trailblazer... I got my face, neck, and arms sliced up for my lack of foresight. She proceeded to bust through the tree to get through.
  9. Can't wait for the drop! I'm staked out in a corner of my bedroom, hiding the computer light as to not wake my little sis up. This will be the first drop that I'm ready and waiting for! *begins clicking exercises*
  10. Request/Announcement I really, really love Sweetlings, and I hate that there's a limit of 2 per scroll. If I could, I would hoard them. But since I can't, I've decided that I can at least hoard their children. So, once this holiday chaos ends in a couple of days I want to start collecting 2nd Gen dragons with Sweetling fathers. Any and all breeds. Obviously, Alt Sweetlings and spriter alts would be highly valued. I'll have the word 'Sweet' somewhere in their name, and be very proud of them. I'll take other Gens as well, particularly if they have a lineage pattern that involves Sweetlings like a checkerboard or something, but the father has to be a Sweetling. (I considered making a thread honoring Sweetlings and their children, and letting people register into a Sweet Lineage and breed on requests, but I'm nervous about starting things like that and I don't know how it would be accepted. Maybe in a few weeks I'll feel braver and do it. )
  11. Forum Name: Dimar Scroll Name: Dimar I shall be taking part in the Failviolet crusade. I'm planning to finish with a 5th Gen. The Spitfires in the lineage will be female, and Purples male. I've already got ahold of 2 CB Spitfires, MM Captain Spitfire and MM Surprise Surprise. The latter is influenced female. I will continue to post here as I advance!
  12. No charms, but I do have this sort of 'situational bad-luck color'. That just means I can't wear purple on car rides. Bad things ALWAYS happen.
  13. Just thought I'd list my current Brony pairs. PM me for breeding if you're interested in an egg. CB Bronies: MM Chocolate Rain Brony X MM Peaches n Cream Brony Gen2 Bronies: MM Little Dashie Brony X MM Pony in Socks Brony As stated before, I have a Gen2 Brony from Riverwillows pending, so I will breed a mate for that baby too.
  14. For this Christmas, I would like a CB Harvest! EDIT: Jennigma has promised me hers once it's off cooldown. EDIT: And I got it! Thanks!
  15. This is a Thuwed thread, so I will share some of my lineaged Thuweds. But you should go look around the Breeding Forum section, there's more than I have examples of here. (Go see the Lineage Terminology thread, it's near the top and posted by mods, also check out the Even/Perfect Gen thread and Stairstep/Spiral. Those are some common types.) Some of my Thuweds: MM Gallifreyan Thuwed MM Hindenburg Thuwed MM Rose Pink Thuwed These are all Even-Gen Thuweds- see how all the columns line up with balanced numbers of dragons? There's also usually patterns to the breeds. But there's a lot more than this. Now, go to those threads to learn more, or feel free to PM me. It's easy to get off topic in a highly specific thread like this, so you want to be careful. Hope this helped!
  16. Thuwed and a Dorkface. I picked that one up in the AP too but dropped it back in there because the lineage wasn't clean enough for me. If I can only have two dragons of a breed, they'd better be lineages I can breed nice stuff with! Yes, you can do that. As long as you have a Magi dragon, you can gift or start a trade. If you don't have a Magi, you have to trade with someone who can use theirs. Say you don't have a Magi and you need anyone interested to PM you with a trade from the AP.
  17. Dimar

    My Little Pony

    Just watched Apple Family Reunion. Whoa... *blinks* An Apple family version of Octavia? What?! The Vinyl Scratch in my avatar doesn't know what to make of this. And, there was so much ponies-sitting-on-chairs-and-benches in this episode that I had Lyra in the back of my head the whole time.
  18. And here's that Ribbon Dancer that I got. SCROLL NAME: Dimar DRAGON NAME: MM Festive Night DRAGON BREED: Ribbon Dancer LINEAGE PARTICIPATION : Perennial LINEAGE LINK: Here.
  19. SCROLL NAME: Dimar DRAGON NAME: MM Luanthe's Shadow DRAGON BREED: Shadow Walker LINEAGE PARTICIPATION : Perennial LINEAGE LINK: Here. The story is... I picked up this guy in the AP on Halloween and found that he had a Ribbon Dancer mom. Then the other day, I found a Ribbon Dancer in the AP who also had a Ribbon Dancer mom (unrelated). So, I started wondering what to breed them with and make a lineage around, and I was pointed here! So, I will enter in the RD when she hatches and check in here about my progress. (Which will be slow.) I think I will use Golden Wyverns with them... now on to find a couple of the right ones after the holidays...
  20. Yay! Just finished the holiday cooking! I've never won a raffle in my life but, I can dream can't I? Now waiting for the Gingerbread decorating!
  21. Personally, I'm thinking Red might work... Does nobody have any opinions?
  22. Seeking advice/opinions: What common breed would look good alongside both Shadow Walkers and Ribbon Dancers? If you have a lineage that includes those, please share as an example. I'm trying to find complimentary mates.
  23. Surfing the AP and got... Gen3 Snow Angel, checker with Nebula Gen2 Ribbon Dancer from a Shadow Walker.... which is a coincidence because my Shadow Walker is Gen2 from a Ribbon Dancer, and they're not related! Lineage planning time! Gen2 Winter Magi from BBW I'm surprised to see so many going through the AP! I guess people are in the Christmas spirit!
  24. Seriously, why won't you listen? I know it annoys you that your mom and sisters and I get on your case about this, but it's for a reason! We all love you so, so much and all we want is for you to actually graduate high school and do something with your life! We care about you and we want you to succeed!You've never cared about the numbers in school, but at least TRY to pass so that you won't be 20 years old and still in high school! You could be the first male on your father's side to ever graduate. So what if your father will never be proud of you? Your mom will be. Your sisters will be. I will be. I thought you would take what I said to heart. I told you that you have to prove to me that I can trust you to be responsible. Otherwise, I won't feel safe including you in my future. And I thought you listened! You acted like my words made a difference! But your teachers still come to me and tell me you're failing. If you had turned that writing assignment in, you'd be making a B in English. Please, just try for me. I cry because of this! Because it stresses me out that you aren't realizing what's happening to yourself and also because you shut down on me when I try to explain it to you. I hate when you shut down. You always make your friends tell you when things are going wrong in life and you always try to save people from themselves and their pasts. But you won't take the same advice! You think I don't know what happened to you? You think I don't realize what he did to you? Please, talk to me! Sometimes I feel like I should leave this behind me, leave you behind so that I don't have to worry about you anymore. Between grades, emotions, and your baggage, it's just so hard sometimes. But I can't leave... and I never will unless you kick me out. My heart would break and I would die, less figuratively than you think. You would have saved my life for naught. Please don't throw away your own now.