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  1. It's definitely not just your timing, MC, and this bad period is the worst we've had in the past couple of years. So many regulars have largely vanished between technology issues and RL priorities. That resultant emptiness is the only real "discouraging" thing about the channel atm - nobody manages to be available at the same time as anyone else. Unfortunately there's not much that can really be done about that... if most of us don't have time to hang out in the chat for fun, we don't have time to take part in a big event either. I'd be fine with more informal review days since those definitely made a difference, but my schedule doesn't have much wiggle room so it might have to be planned between you non-mods. (Herk has other complications atm too and while I don't want to speak for her, she might not be able to help either.) However, I should have free time during most of Thanksgiving week so if a few of you were interested in doing something bigger in the November 20st-26th range then I could probably be there to keep people company. I feel really bad for leaving descripdoom in the dark so much, but 99% of the time when I'm not busy with college/work/volunteering then I'm either too exhausted or too stressed-out for socializing. I'm really sorry, guys, I hate seeing y'all unhappy with the channel atm... :/
  2. My IRC bouncer has broken and I haven't been able to fix it yet, so I can't lurk in descripdoom as I usually do. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon, I'll try to come back in whenever I'm around!
  3. I didn't intend to ship anything from TFA but then I traded my soul for Kylux : /
  4. The Aeons are my favorites, especially the males! I love them It'll be a while before I have all the CBs I need but I'll definitely be breeding those guys first when I get them. o3o
  5. Michael Jung and Astier Nicolas are my personal favorites, from long before Rio started! Michael's slip-up with the countercanter lead change KILLED ME; I felt so bad for him and Sam but since they're still in a pretty good place I'm not too upset... very excited to see how cross country and jumping changes things. I am happy to see William Fox-Pitt doing well, in any case, considering he was in a coma last year so congrats to him so far!
  6. I'm keeping very close tabs on the equestrian competition! I'm strongly rooting for a few riders in particular... and rooting against a couple too. <.< I'm not watching as many of the other sports as I usually do (in the past I'd watch whatever happens to be on TV) since I'm focusing on the equestrian livestreams but I'll probably catch up on highlights later.
  7. I've had a jam-packed summer and now Internet unreliability so I haven't been around but there's definitely still a few steady regulars and then those who drop in every so often! I can't wait to hear about those "dates", hopefully my Internet problem will be sorted by then.
  8. I expected to dislike everything about it (other than Holtzmann, of course), and only went to see it because a friend kept ranting about how terrible it was in concept - I wanted to form my own opinion and didn't have high hopes. BUT I TOTALLY LOVED IT. It just made me really happy and was a fun movie! I'm glad I was surprised by it in such a great way.
  9. Can't say I didn't have any unfortunate misclicks, but I did breed a few pretty things around them! Can't wait to see what other interesting eggies show up in the AP.
  10. I can breed a lot of Gen2/Gen3 Sweetlingkin in particular so I'll try to keep this in mind! It might actually motivate me to take stock of what mates I still need, haha.
  11. I started playing this weekend, so I don't have quite enough experience for fancy teams yet - I've mostly just been experimenting with different classes and attacks. I definitely want to start planning comps for the different areas soon, though, and actually take out the bosses that I've been avoiding. So far I really like Hellions and Houndmasters. There's no dedicated healer I'm particularly fond of, but I've mostly been using the Occultist despite how frustrating it is when Wyrd Reconstruction goes wrong. I haven't renamed anyone yet, just because I don't have a long-term plan. And finally as for areas... like I said, I haven't advanced really far in terms of missions but so far the Cove is my least favorite (I rely on Bleed a lot more than Blight so I'll have to adjust my tactics before I'm really comfortable there).
  12. *pointing excitedly over at TJ's news thread* The potential of description mods might be enough to get me back into actively reviewing, haha. I didn't get back into it after my hiatus last year because I felt burned out and wanted to wait for changes in the system to come up... fingers crossed? There would certainly be a mass reviewing event if/when description mods are established, I think.
  13. Fingers crossed that it DOES pan out into something! I know a lot of us have been hoping for dedicated description mods to deal with that ridiculous queue, so I'm excited to see a potential hint like this. (Personally I haven't reviewed in a loooong time since I went on hiatus and then felt discouraged to start again until a change in the system occurred to smooth everything over. But now I'm feeling better about it!)
  14. I'm so happy my favorite requested breed is finally in the cave. I need to start hoarding. o3o
  15. That's not uncommon with the 5-minute drops, which it looks like you posted just after. Not as many eggs are dropped as at the top of the hour, so they disappear quickly. It's too early to tell what rarity these will be, just wait a few days.
  16. Oh my gosh, I think the orange ones were my #1 favorite on the Completed List! The S2 is different but I'm very certain and that makes me ridiculously excited. I wonder if the adult sprites were changed too...
  17. Just sent somewhere around 180 Sweetling eggs to the AP. Massbreeding is fun and I feel very accomplished.
  18. Oh Socky, there's no need to apologize! Focusing on your degree is much more important, and it would take a miracle for anyone to keep up with the volume all the time. We'll survive with the wait. x3 I don't see any glaring problems with the description! I think it was just another attack of the Random Rejecter. Or they're the type of person who's bothered by killing pixel dragons for zombies.
  19. Yeah, unfortunately it can take ages for a description to be officially published by a mod... there's way too many submissions for them to reasonably handle at the moment. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't done any reviewing in far too long myself. >.< Also, I think PootisLooti typo'ed an extra apostrophe in "but only to alts". Don't let that confuse you - just stick the word "only" in there! Your first two sentences also have a LOT of commas and that makes them rather choppy to read. I'd suggest getting rid of a few like this: The bolded words are small grammar corrections, one of which PL noted already.
  20. I'm very picky, but when I like them I REALLY like them - zucchinis go into everything I cook. On the other hand, I refuse to touch carrots or sweet potatoes. My preferences are mostly limited to things that are green.
  21. My midnight snacks are usually bagels. It's a very risky activity because the super-sensitive fire alarms can go off because of the toaster and wake up all my flatmates.
  22. PootisLooti, those look great to me! The only things that could perhaps be edited is that you have random nouns capitalized when they don't need to be, such as "Hatchling" and "Dragon" and "Human Child" when they're not used in a title. That's not a huge deal though, and could be chalked up to stylistic writing if the rest of your descriptions are written the same way (I wouldn't completely reject them for that).
  23. ive been seeing too much Bayonetta lately Looks pretty good to me! ________________________________________________________________________________ omg I had forgotten this thread existed... I got busy over the summer and never started checking DC regularly again. I'm so sorry. >.< i'll go check what i missed now
  24. My favorite time of year is here, because... IT'S SWEETLING SEASON!!!
  25. I've been meaning to breed more lately anyway, so I can definitely massbreed nice Reds, Pinks, and Soulpeaces. Since it's almost Valentine's, perhaps I ought to send out Sweetling checkers as well... I might not count up all my results but I'll certainly contribute.