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  1. And have them investigated. As far as I know, there isn't a report form or anything to bring a user to attention, I've been told to simply message a mod on the forums but I don't know if that's a) the right thing to do, b) reliable because mods are people and have periods of inactivity, c) very easy if you're not a forum regular, and d) going to work (unfamiliar with mod powers). I think it'd be a great idea to have a hidden link where you can submit the scroll name, some information and maybe evidence if you have it. (If such a thing exists please inform me immediately). There also isn't any information anywhere on the web concerning reporting, such as when and where to do it, despite my searching. Now, this might simply be out of jealousy or what not, but in the past week I've come across three CB metals, and was unable to grab any one of them. Now, this makes sense, but it was just a bit disheartening to see that all three had been stolen by the same player. Who, as of time of posting, has seven CB metals growing. SEVEN. Could be eight, as a hatchling is hidden. I realize that some people are extremely fast catchers, but considering just how RARE these metals are, and how few drop per day, isn't this just a little suspicious? I'm not accusing them of anything, I just want to have them investigated for scripting. I think, the mods may have the power to see what's going on and whether this person may or may not be cheating to get all these CB golds! Maybe I'm wrong, and I apologize if I am. But finally my eyes have been opened and I see why it's so difficult to catch rares.
  2. <0 F Heavy snow expected... At least it's good for skiing.
  3. Pretty much this. Sometimes though, I get the "Wtf" look just from playing DC at school.
  4. I don't do much usually, but this year I'm trying to sew an Altair costume (Assassin's Creed). Hopefully it'll turn out OK. Oh yeah, and don't forget mass zombie production!
  5. But what about that unexplainable feeling deep inside your heart?
  6. CB golds on average of about 1 per day, and I hunt for a little more than 30 minutes so I'd say they're definitely becoming more "common" but I think the reason is that more blockers are getting taken. I have never ever caught a CB gold but I consider myself lucky to have caught 7 CB silvers.
  7. I think it exists, because it feels like there's some kind of supernatural connection even though you've just met them... Why I have no idea.
  8. Primarily English, then Chinese (mandarin), Spanish and last but not least Korean.
  9. Pens > Pencils Sharpies are fun too, especially when they're in neon colors.
  10. I want to scare people this year, looked on Youtube for some ideas. Gonna get a scare crow or Grim Reaper costume and then either hide in a corner or pretend to be fake it's gonna be great.
  11. Probs not. Not exactly sure what that is anyways.
  12. Cuprum casually starting moving over to where Seren and the others were, trying hard not to blush. Unexpectedly, he let out such a sneeze that it caused him to topple over on his belly hard with a thump. Clumsily, he shook it off and scampered quickly towards his destination. Taking his mind off of that, he spoke softly, "I'm hungry. What can we eat?"
  13. There is, but the problem is your TV no longer exists. I wish I could snatch a CB gold.
  14. I had no idea so many players are adults!!! I'm only 15!
  15. Granted except you're not popular like he is. I wish my neglected didn't die.
  16. Please not too many cave rants. Those were banned for a reason.
  17. I'm only a sophomore, but I should probably start thinking about this stuff early on so I don't go the wrong road, and although everyone says "living with children is terrible", I think it depends on how you raise them. Definitely not getting married or having children till I'm out of college and have a job and things get settled down. But I do want a girlfriend, trouble is finding one.