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    Denver, Colorado
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    Things I love:

    *Telemark Skiing
    *Planted Aquariums
    *Pets esp. Bearded Dragons
    *Alpine Skiing
    *Games (Halo, dragcave.net, flash, CoC, etc)
    *Painting, modeling, drawing, etc


    ~2nd Gen Holly (I know I'll never get one)
    ~2nd Gen Tinsel or Shimmerscale, any color
    ~CB metals (Thank you Aquamyrine and Zzelabusya!)
    ~CB neglected (Thank you so much Maximum Occupancy!!!)
    ~Alts (any lineage)

    IOUs from me:
    2nd gen gold or (2) 2nd gen silvers to Ioma
    2nd gen gold to SpiritWolfe
    6 CB halloween hatchlings (influenced and incubated 3F and 3M) to Aquamyrine
    2 CB halloween hatchlings (influenced and incubated as a pair) to MO

    IOUS to me:
    TurnoutLover123 - something precious
    Isaakfvkampfer - 4 green hatchlings by 10/4/13, 4 CB green hatchlings, and 2 red hatchlings by 10/4/13