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  1. The Black dragon... I'll never forget when I first came in AP and saw that black and green egg.. Must have! They are one of my favorit even today..

    Then I saw helfire female dragon..It was the most beautiful dragon for me..Got the next day smile.gif

    After a year, I found wiki, where I saw Ice.... Took me some time to get one, but the day I got it was the best day in DC smile.gif

  2. I hope someone here can help me out smile.gif

    So, I want to continue this lineage, but for that I don't have CB Ice or Winter, so I'm looking for 2nd gen Ice from Winter father.

    If anyone could help me, I would be grateful.

    Also, I would try to repay in any way I can smile.gif Got it, Thank you Raphy! smile.gif

    And thank you Iside for trying ^^ I'm realy grateful for that smile.gif

  3. Have:


    user posted imageCB gold wyvern hatchling, gendered male

    user posted imageCB gold wyvern hatchling, gendered female

    user posted imageCB tri-horn wyvern hatchling, gendered male (not eligible, technically, but I'm in a desperate rush, sorry)




    Any caveblocker species hatchling(s)! These grow up within the next few minutes, so I need them off my hands right now - offering one hatchling each should be fine. <3


    Female GW. Gone, thank you for taking it off me! <3

    Male GW. Gone for a non-caveblocker to the same lucky player that got the other Gold Wyvern. smile.gif Thank you for giving these a good home!

    Tri-Horn Wyvern.


    This trade will be valid until it is crossed out.

    I'll also edit in when I'm not at keyboard.

    Thank you so much laugh.gif