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  1. This Ice and this Black eggs Also this White and 3 CB Winters. Thank you people
  2. The Black dragon... I'll never forget when I first came in AP and saw that black and green egg.. Must have! They are one of my favorit even today.. Then I saw helfire female dragon..It was the most beautiful dragon for me..Got the next day After a year, I found wiki, where I saw Ice.... Took me some time to get one, but the day I got it was the best day in DC
  3. Me and my cousin found these: Ice checker! GW from Blusang White checker with silver Skywing also checker with silver! Purple Thuwed EG White from Gold 3rd gen Winter with Tinsel grandparents Firs I found this, after week this Thank you breeders!
  4. Royal blue from new prize Red checker Silver Tinsel from penk ^^ Ice Tinsel fail Also 2x CB White, 2x CB Tsunami, CB Nebula, Gold... ^^ Thank you breeders!
  5. Hey I have a small request. I just find out, that I still don't have a mate for this one Thanks for any help
  6. Today's catch ^^ Gold Gold GW Tsunami
  7. These Blusang Ice Dorkface Red Tinsel CB Magi
  8. Just found these two Blusang, don't have mate yet Black, LOVE IT! Thank you breeders
  9. Bred Gold for the first time! Also bred this Silver ^^ This week in AP was AMAZING, many nice lineaged black eggs, Tinsels, metalls
  10. I found these: Black Silver Tinsel Another Silver Tinsel Also this black Messy but... Gold Thank you breeders ^^ Just found this black!
  11. I hope someone here can help me out So, I want to continue this lineage, but for that I don't have CB Ice or Winter, so I'm looking for 2nd gen Ice from Winter father. If anyone could help me, I would be grateful. Also, I would try to repay in any way I can Got it, Thank you Raphy! And thank you Iside for trying ^^ I'm realy grateful for that
  12. Another good day in AP Daydream Vine Black
  13. Caught these ^^ Winter Tsunami Purple Water Thank you
  14. What is the worth of 2nd gen Ice from Winter father? I need this badly, but have no idea what to offer
  15. Winter egg ...I just can't resist EG
  16. Request I realy want to continue this lineage. The problem is that I don't have CB Ice and winter. So could someone help and bred 2nd gen Winter from Ice father or 2nd gen Ice from Winter father (x2)? Thank you for any help ^^ Thank you Ae0nian for Winter egg ^^
  17. Found silver tinsel in AP ^^ Happy egg locked
  18. These beauty are mine now ^^ 1 Tinsel 2 Stripe 3 Dorsal Thank you breeders ^^
  19. Found gold tinsel in AP..With nice lineage and Thuwed. Lucky ^^
  20. I don't know who you are, but thank you very much for this one! Made my day ^^
  21. Just got this beauty! Egg Sadly, I don't have any mate for this one...Still keeping it ^^ Thank you!
  22. Love it! Nebula Pink Winter Thank you Breeders