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  1. Silver Vine Gold Tinsel Black Lumina Thanks
  2. Finally, she produced gold Congrats to everyone!
  3. Silver, I can't continue this line, but love it Blac Capped metalkin Pillow nice checker Thanks
  4. Was a good day Spitfire Black Capped Teimarr Spring thank you HawktalonOfRiverClan, I love it Pink Black tea Thanks
  5. 6th gen Inbred Thuwed Guardian 3rd gen Baloon x Silver checker 2nd gen Tsunami
  6. 3rd gen Magma x Stripe checker 5th gen Black x Gold line Thanks
  7. Lithuania, Europe I hope not the only one here
  8. Found these: Hellfire Shimmerkin 2nd gen Pink Metalkin Lumina x Silver checker Thanks!
  9. I bred this one, glad you like it
  10. Bred this at first try Should I keep it or trade?
  11. Traded for 3 more Shimmers with lines I didn't have this week
  12. Blusang - Tinselkin Alt Ridgewing - Tinselkin Bronze Tinsel x Hellfire Bronze Tinsel x Green Neb Moonstone x Silver checker Blusang - EG Royal Blue x Thunder checker Royal Crimson - Metalkin Thank you breeders
  13. Traded for my first Gold Shimmer Now I have all 3 colours ^^
  14. Got Bronze Shimmer Now I only need Gold Shimmer to have all 3
  15. Found two blacks, from same nice line and both alted.. Nice
  16. After 3 years of playing, I finaly summoned my first GON
  17. I got it It is beautiful, will be loved and named Thank you
  18. Caught these: Red x Marrow Nebula from Gold Pink from Silver Pink Blusang from Silver Ice Tinsel fail Thank you breeders
  19. Hello, I hope someone can help me I'm looking for these: 2nd gen GW from Gold mother, as a mate for her.3rd EG Red. Perfect checker Male Red x Female Gold, as a mate for her.3rd EG Blusang. Perfect checker Male Silver x Female Blusang, as a mate for him2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Royal Blue mothet, as a mate for her. Please, if you know who could breed me this, let me know.I'll do my best to pay back Thanks
  20. Royal Blue x Gold Checker Magma x Black Checker Royal Blue Thuwed White Moonstone x Silver Checker Gold Tinsel Thank you breeders! Also found CB White with code POT, I don't know why, but made me laugh
  21. My native language is Lithuanian. I'm also ok at English I can understand everything but my grammar is awful. I'm learning Latin at school. I would love to learn Japanese, I think it is very beautiful
  22. Ice Ice Blusang Black Black White Gold Tinsel Ice Sunsong Black And many CB Blacks, Stripes, Winters, Whites, Alt ridgewings