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  1. sending back Scroll name: Gerdu Flowers missing: Kaluchka Kingbloom Heliotrope Butterbowl Lesser Celandine Chrysanthemum Dragon Arum Fishglobe Succulent Enamel Orchid
  2. I would love if you'd send me any flower from the list ^^ sending back Flowers missing: Plumeria Fever Flower Kaluchka Kingbloom Heliotrope Corpse Lily Butterbowl Blue Creeper Feather aechmea Lesser Celandine Azureblume Snegbell Silent Princess Chrysanthemum Jade Peony Spiral Lily Dragon Arum Blue Lotus Fishglobe Succulent Enamel Orchid
  3. Geting so many beautful cards! Thank you! Sending to everyone
  4. Collected all flowers, so tell me if you need something specific
  5. LOOKING FOR 3rd gen Arsani x Bronze Tinsel checker, unrelated to her and him PM me for trading details if you can help me with this lineage!
  6. Have 2nd gen from male Silver Shimmer Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want Blood swap 3rd gen Arsani x Bronze Tinsel checker Nice offers
  7. Thank you! Not sure yet, if I'm going to make some changes, then this one will be ruined
  8. Finally bred this. Started this lineage in 2013-2014, and now I'm done. Sadly, there are new breeds, that I see more fiting for lineage...So I might do some changing..oh god..
  9. I'm locking myself with this egg, but the names...I can't toss it Thank you @MaeTM !
  10. Just missed a chicken egg ( and it had such a pretty code)
  11. 196. Hmm, I know I don't have neglected, Scimitar-win, Dino ( I don't like them), pygmy hybrid. I have everything else. Now I'm curious what I'm missing.. Edit. Baikala. I forgot Baikala ( not a big fan of two-headed)
  12. I would like to be an Incubator! Forum Name: DragonRoz Scroll Name and Link Gerdu PM Link PM Have you read all the rules?: Yes
  13. What a pretty girl https://dragcave.net/lineage/QuNFz Thanks miaoujones