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  1. I have new Dragons! Forum name: Wahya New Frozen Hatchlings: FLOOD Freezie 1 New Adult Dragons: None Link to sign up post: <3 I know it looks like a perfect lineage, but if you scroll down far enough you can see the breeder ruined it xP
  2. I picked up this lineage breaker yesterday
  3. Thank you And thanks again for bestowing one of your line upon me! She's beautiful
  4. My Hope for Humanity's mate, Kind Soul just grew up <3 I'd love to try and breed the two for someone as soon as I'm not egg locked @ Cirruspuss - I just caught a CB Pink If you'd like it, it's yours as soon as its cool down is up. Just let me know if you'd like it
  5. I have new Dragons! Forum name: Wahya New Frozen Hatchlings: The Stars Will Cry | Light As Snow | Frolics Through Dandelions New Adult Dragons: None Link to sign up post: <3
  6. I have to say I think it's silly to kill inbred dragons. I either freeze them as hatchlings or let them go when they reach adulthood. Until recently I didn't even really care about inbreds all that much - I just didn't breed them on purpose; but then I made a few mistakes and figured I'd just let them all go. Much to my surprise almost 50 dragons on my scroll were inbred (only a few by me) :/ It sucked.
  7. COUNT ME IN! Forum name: Wahya Scroll name and link: Wahya Favorite aquatic breed, and why: Of the three listed, definitely the Waterhorse. They are just so blue and lovely
  8. I turn 24 in January. I've been apart of DC since early 2010. If I remember right this was my first dragon: http://dragcave.net/view/6nii I love video games and doing all sorts of internet related stuff (games, forums, shopping, etc.), so even if I stop playing for short periods due to being swept up in other games and what not, I don't think I'll ever stop permanently...until I'm dead anyway
  9. Here are a few of my really cool lineages (all via the AP): Just got this one a few days ago http://dragcave.net/lineage/K3c1L I grabbed this one a few days before that: http://dragcave.net/lineage/th9b5 Along with this one: http://dragcave.net/lineage/kfWPF One of my older ones: http://dragcave.net/lineage/IMDtf My absolute favorite: http://dragcave.net/lineage/I0Vu8
  10. SoldierGirlForever just gifted me with my first Hope baby <333 I've named her "Hope for Humanity" (if this name isn't suitable, don't hesitate to let me know). Please take me off of the waiting list, and thank you so very much
  11. I'm so excited! I wanted to secure a CB Pink before requesting a Hope baby from a breeder, and seconds ago I did just that As soon as I'm not egg locked I will be requesting Thank you so very much for accepting me! I can't wait to start breeding eggs for others
  12. I'd like to join! Join Date: 11/11/12 Forum Name: Wahya Scroll Link: <3 PM Link: + Proof I read the Rules: January Frozen Hatchlings The Stars Will Cry | Light As Snow | Frolics Through Dandelions | FLOOD Freezie 1 | Jungle Bud | Sculpey III | Black Tyranitar | Thunder Colt | Parched Pea | Raffish | Burlap Thread | FLOOD Freezie 2 | FLOOD Freezie 3 | FLOOD Freezie 4 | FLOOD Freezie 7 | French Burnt Peanut | Reclaimed | Pocketful of Posies | Blithe Spirit | Sporophyte | Phos Phobos | Velella | Blulectric | Beefsteak Polypore | First Cake | Lady Slippers | Green Lotad | Simoleon | Tiptoes in the Tulips | Polydactyly | Water Balloon War Adults Electrical Resonance | Shaka Sign I've requested 1 (one) prize thus far; said prize was a CB Tsunami Wyvern. I had 19 points originally, and the prize was worth 15, leaving me with 4. I added 3 points worth of hatchlings/adults between then and 4/27/13, giving me 7 points as of 4/27/13. On 4/28/13 I posted 10 (ten) new hatchlings to be counted. That means I have 10 (ten) + 7 (seven) points which equals 17 (seventeen) points as of 4/28/13. On 4/28/13 I requested a prize in my "I have new Dragons!" post. I'm requesting a CB Tsunami Wyvern, a prize that is worth 15 points. I have 17 currently; 17 -15 = 2. After the prize is delivered I will have 2 (two) points left over. On 6/2/13 I received the CB Tsunami I requested from teresadurfin. I had 17 points; with the delivery of the prize I subtract 15. Thus I will have 2 (two) points left over.
  13. I would like to be added to the waiting list please Here is my scroll: X I apologize ahead of time for the 4 deaths currently on my scroll - the one with the tombstone will be turned into a Zombie on the 31st, and the other 3 are failed vampire bites.
  14. Awesome! I was browsing my scroll when I saw a black widow appear at the top. I knew Halloween had arrived here and I got all excited Thank you!