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  1. I'd love that Thank you so much!
  2. I ADORE Tinselkin! I have a bunch, and am constantly collecting and breeding more (I have yet to get a Tinsel I own to breed a Tinsel, lol!) Platinum Dueling Badge Magna Cum Laude Broken Pocket Watch Smiling Nightmare Westward Sunset Mossy Knoll Fringe Tree Kousa Dogwood Icy Shore Therrnal Lost in the Everglades Roaring Pine My most recent, and currently unnamed I also have a few results of Tinselkin that aren't direct Tinselkin Late Seral Forest Shrouded Dawn
  3. I'm aiming for a chevron (arrowhead) as well They look SO nice Out of curiosity, what do you want drawn? And sorry about your luck jingle :/ I hate it when that happens - I've been trying to get one of my Gold Tinsels to actually produce a gold tinsel egg, and she has refused week after week xP Congrats Zerhai!
  4. Awesome Somehow I've accumulated a TON of CB RB hatchies this week It's great though, since I'm trying to get GWs from the bred pairs because they're harder to catch. Which lineage type are you aiming for?
  5. I caught one Frill WAY back in the day when I first started here, but I thought it was ugly so I let it go after a few months on my scroll. I look back now that it's retired and shake my head (it's still ugly though, ha ha )
  6. I've missed so many CB Metals the last few days it's not even funny :S I've been on DC since 2010 or so (maybe earlier but I don't remember) and I have NEVER caught a CB metal, lol. It wasn't even until a few weeks ago I had a Gold of any lineage, let alone a NON inbred one. I'm glad they are dropping more! I just wish Blusangs would as well :/
  7. YES! My gold gendered as influenced :DDD -dances-
  8. I have new Dragons! Forum name: Wahya New Frozen Hatchlings: Raffish (messy 8th ish gen) | Burlap Thread (6th gen, stair step fail) | FLOOD Freezie 2 (inbred) | FLOOD Freezie 3 (messy 5th gen) | FLOOD Freezie 4 (inbred) | FLOOD Freezie 7 (inbred) | French Burnt Peanut (inbred) | Reclaimed (massively inbred) | Pocketful of Posies (messy 8th gen) | Blithe Spirit (messy 10th gen) New Adult Dragons: Electrical Resonance (messy 5th gen) | Shaka Sign (messy 8th gen) Link to sign up post: <3
  9. Sometimes I hate waiting for eggs to hatch and hatchlings to gender - I'm hoping my first in the Lost Loot x Body Art line genders as influenced. I should know sometime tomorrow
  10. Thank you so much Dreamer! I really appreciate it You and Danielle have first dibs of the babies that will complete the chevron I'm thinking of doing 7 on each arm, making the completing dragon the 8th gen. I'm going for a theme with the names, but you'll both be exempt from it It will take a while, but with luck I'll be there in a few weeks
  11. Would it be Ok if I asked for one? I need one for the other half of the chevron I'm creating. I can give you an ungendered CB Pink hatchie in exchange Or I can find something else you'd like. I really would like to compensate you, since it's going to be 4 hours before I can accept anyway :/ Edit - Better yet I can offer you a CB Stripe Male that's ready to grow up in 6 hours
  12. I forgot to mention, my first pair gave me a GW egg <333 As long as it genders male (I did influence it) the first part of the chevron has begun
  13. I took the second little gem <3 Thank you so much!
  14. For offering Bred prize dragons, what gen and lineage are they expected to be? Low? Pure?
  15. Awesome Thank you! This is the second breeding project I've ever been apart of, and I'm so pumped
  16. I would Like to join! Do you want to opt in for receiving personal breeding requests though pms? No thank you. Do you have any dragon ready for this project? Yes I do - Lost Loot and his mate Body Art. I have not bred them yet but will as soon as I have a slot open. What type of Lineage would you like to work on? I would love to make a chevron. How many generation can you make by yourself?I'm not sure to be honest. It depends on how quickly I can obtain more CB GWs. Are you a requester/gifter/ or normal member?: I'd love to be a gifter, as long as I get to choose who the babies go to and from which generation. If not, then I'd like to be a normal member please. Any extra notes? like you don't hold on to gifted eggs etc etc? I want to be able to choose who I feel is worthy to receive offspring from my pairing(s), because I want to make sure they are responsible owners (i.e. will name them, continue the lineage appropriately, not kill them/abandon them/bite them, etc.).
  17. Nosebleed worthy and completely free of inbreeding!!!
  18. These definitely aren't my kind of dragon, but I'm glad they were released none the less
  19. FINALLY! I've been trying since 1 this morning xDDD
  20. Lovely egg! Can't wait to see the other stages
  21. I gave my Hope baby to Zerhai (Totally forgot to post this earlier)
  22. Ok - as long as no one without a hope would like it, the hatchling is yours
  23. Beaucifalous did not accept my trade and the link expired (it's been 48 hours) :S Is there anyone else in the thread who's been approved that needs a Hope and a CB mate?
  24. I'm PMing Beaucifalous, offering them Hope for Humanity and Kind Soul's first child, along with a CB Pink