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  1. Sadly, the one I really wanted to turn did not (an inbred Wyrm), but at least I had a single success this Halloween! Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Pretty sure it was a Lumina, so a Western. Age: Adult Kill date: Oct, 30, 2016 Kill time (ET): I don't remember. Revive date: Oct. 31, 2016 Revive time (ET): 2:42ish AM EST Zombies visible: Yes Result: Zombified! Dragon link: <3
  2. Technically, successful Vamps and Undeads are neither dead or alive. Neglecteds are just sickly (there was a time in the cave when they were looked down on/a punishment, but now everyone wants them willingly ). I'm just sayin' And as someone who had chickenpox so bad I have scars from when I had it at 6 (one of which disfigured my face for YEARS), which was 21 years ago, I wouldn't say it's good to get chickenpox even to prevent shingles. In fact, people with chickenpox already have shingles in their bodies, and there's like a 1 in 3 chance if you've had chickenpox you will get shingles in your lifetime at least once. Sickle cell protects against malaria if you are exposed to malaria - if you never are, it's actually more harmful than helpful. I knew someone who died at 18 from sickle cell. He lived here in the US, where we don't have malaria outbreaks.
  3. I don't, but I really should. It's just that I want to be able to hunt again as soon as they hatch. I can't remember if I've ever been lucky enough to catch a CB Halloween dropped in the AP before or not. Hopefully I will be this year! I'd rather have at least 8 - 7 is such a silly number if you're a breeder (even pairs for PBs xP).
  4. I'm excited to see the cure is winning!
  5. What do we want!? THE CURE! When do we want it!?!? NOW! -continues playing-
  6. I'm excited this exists, and I can't wait to add mine when I have time!
  7. That's really lovely!
  8. OMG SO MANY BEAUTIFUL CURE BADGES Also, the infection is getting annoying. I keep miscounting eggs because it's blocking my view of stuff xPPP
  9. I'd like to be able to name [and freeze] eggs; I hate using other dragons as name holders for a specific egg I have in possession if I already know what I want to name it [i want to be able to freeze eggs in order to have a more complete collection of sprites on my scroll]. Full support +1
  10. I seriously thought the same thing when I saw the thread title xDDD
  11. When I try to breed it does for me. I haven't tried using Fertility or anything else that allows you to choose from your adult dragons, so I can't say if it's affecting anything else.
  12. It's been slowing down a lot of things for me too, particularly breeding. My computer and connection are usually very speedy, but since I have 5400+ dragons (slash that in half when I go to breed, as only one sex is included), all of that sickness loading makes it take FOREVER.
  13. I seem to have no luck in the game this morning. I think I've won maybe 2. I guess it's because I'm tired. But hopefully this afternoon will fare better for me. FOR THE CURE!
  14. Honestly, this was a big surprise! That took a lot of time and planning, and I really appreciate it <3 Edit: Oh my gosh, Perzephone! Grats
  15. The most recent name I couldn't believe I got was Gregorian Chanting. A few others that were within the last few weeks include The Last Bastion (which is on a name holder for now), Rare Potion Ingredient, Greenish Pink, Old Gum Tree, and Festive Tree.
  16. There are reasons for diseases and parasites - they are living creatures too, and evolution has given them VERY strong advantages. Of course, there's the Red Queen Effect, but that's part of the evolutionary arms race. Yes and no. For some people, they do act on morality even in less than moral situations, virtual or otherwise. Others, such as yourself, see it as nothing more than pixels and code. Everyone is different, and I'd love to see studies on how groups of people as well as individuals act when given certain moral choices when no true impact is to be made. It's interesting to see how different people's brains work. There's an interesting study that's less virtual, but it acts on similar principals. They've banned it in some countries, due to the psychological harm it was causing. It's a shock punishment experiment.
  17. These sprites are GORGEOUS <333 Thank you @VixenDra - You can technically still switch sides if you wanted to - they fixed the glitch where the badges didn't change (supposedly anyway; I think someone mentioned it in the main event thread; may have been TJ). I would also be curious to see psychological studies about how/if people's morals change in video games, or if they make decisions based on what they already believe. I personally do make choices based on real life experiences, opinions, etc., though obviously that's not true for all or in all situations (you'd have to look at cases where you couldn't switch sides, and could only make a certain choice once more than likely).
  18. I actually started making a banner a couple days ago, but I didn't like it, so I scrapped it
  19. I did this pairing and this one for a two different people, but the second one ended up not being needed xP
  20. I seriously got a one click win. I think I should buy a lottery ticket today!
  21. I've become SO much better at MineSweeper thanks to this event <3
  22. I've contributed to the cure three times so far