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  1. The always awesome dirtytabs provided me with a mate I was looking for, and the new couple has successfully produced a behbeh. How do I update the original dragon I posted to now having a mate and offspring? Do I need to denote in the notes line that it's an update of a dragon I previously posted? Found the info! Will update soon <3
  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Mine is on the 20th
  3. May I also inquire what alternative prize(s) is(are) needed? I'd love to help out if I am able!
  4. Wahya

    Z Project

    ZBEDX NAME: Z'e Winter GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: CB Seasonal (Winter) zPaRR NAME: Z'aparr GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Gift from Shroomlet <3 LINEAGE: CB Thunder Z4dqg NAME: Z'urna GENDER: Male ORIGIN: I'm pretty sure this guy was a gift from someone, but I seem to have neglected to document who gave him to me :/ LINEAGE: CB Tsunami
  5. I accepted Thank you!
  6. My dream since I was a high school freshman has been to be a wolf biologist (I graduated high school in 2007 if that puts things into perspective; it's a lifelong goal at this point). Life dictated something a little different (I'm an environmental studies major instead of a bio major now), but my end goal is still to study wolves, even if it's not to be my life's work. My internship this summer might be studying wolves, depending on if any of the biologists I'm contacting see me as a worthy candidate Long story short, I would like to join this lineage project! Fun fact: My username means wolf in the language of one of the nations/cultures/peoples I'm mixed with
  7. Oops! Fixed it Sorry about that!
  8. Wahya's Olive Dragons! I'd like to join the contest! I will post all of my Olives here [in this post] <3 They start on this page of my scroll Current Total: 150 Table Olive Pit Blemished Olive Ripped Olive Olea europaea sylvestris Olivine Scales Water-cured Olive Dry-cured Olive Rutz Olive Tree Constellation Technically a Drupe Sun-cured Olive Bar I Have A Butt yYnDd the Palindrome Nyon Olive Z'e Olive Alfonso Olive Olivine Foliage Foxy Olive Cerignola Hollywish Picual Hollywish Spanish Hollywish Olive Flavored Cheese Avacado Peel Olive Burger Olivine Holiday Citrus-Marinated Olive Odd Set Tropical Olive Oceanic Olive Olive-Pear Relish Boozy Olive Imitation Leather Beldi Olive Kalamata Olive Pit Sliced Olive Atomic Olive Leftcenter South Black Olive Tree Sun-kissed Olive Tree Copper Olive Olive Grove of Amfissa Common Green Olive Olive-colored Jewel Olivine Crystal Crystaline Olive Souri Olive Oil Mission Olive Alternative Oil Bruised Olive Rank Olive Grilled Olive Oink'd An Olive's Gravitational Pull Freaky Depth Ash Olive Brown Olive Spooky Olive Briney Olive Olive of Depravity Olive Colored Pencil Strangely Spined Fancy Olive on the Floor The Olive Woman Olive-colored Curtain Purex Laundry Detergent Olive Ash The Funniest Man on the Internet Jim the Freak Foul Screech Megaritiki Lady Janice Olea Of Kirkton Olive Hippo Dingygreen Olive Garden Salad Dressing Mirtoia Chalkidiki Amigdalolia Pest Patriarch Sailing Holiveday Z'esty Vegetable Ball Pit Holiveday Bonfire Holiveday Bilboard Graffiti Holiveday Adriamitini Intrinsic Bitterness Blanqueta VFW 31 Lemono Morrut Nevadillo GNR Grappoio Cruel Kalamon Hollywish Pitted Kalamata Hollywish Moraiolo Intrana Adriamitini Olive Unknown Columba Salty Toothpick Lecin de Sevilla Monounsaturated Fatty Acid Cipresino Olive Bar Bargain Freaky Glare Reject Fiction Bifid Stigma Pete Kalamata Hollywish Owen Kalamon Hollywish Z'ach Maalot Hollywish Yorick Kalamata Hollywish Bye Kalamon Hollywish Two Kalamata Hollywish Umbra Alt Emah Hollywish Freaky Olive Tea Fusty Olive Oil Rancid Olive Oil Alternate Curing Process Torn Olive Holiday Hors D'oeuvre Lunar Olive Freaky Holiveday Freaky Ortega Altadorian Olive Salad Cheese Stuffed Olive Flask of Olive Oil Honey Filled Olive Tureen of Olives Full Moon Olive Olive in a Cave Angelic Olive Fruit of an Omen Olive Stew Battered Fruit Pit of Olive Traditional Family Snack Chilly Olive Reaching for Peace Organic Olive Deadly Little Fruit Stuffed Olive Salad Tin of Olives Intergalactic Olive Mushrolivepepper Pizza Pepperolive Pizza Aubergine and Olive Skewer Olive and Feta Pie Lost Desert Sandy Olive Oil Rogue Olive Jelly Olive
  9. I'm glad! It makes me laugh when I see it too Also, those two I thought I had mates for, I don't actually have mates for.
  10. I've gone through nearly my entire scroll and added <3 I still have a few unnamed adults I'll add once I name them (which will hopefully be sooner rather than later). Enjoy!
  11. Although I wouldn't mind getting started, I don't mind seeking more votes either.
  12. I wouldn't mind a decreasing scale for minimums
  13. Wahya

    Z Project

    Z32D0 NAME: Z'imtstern GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Gift from Shroomlet <3 LINEAGE: Dam: (tEO4z) x Sire: (nRP6V) - (Bolt x Aegis [Passive]) zshgW NAME: Z'e Rage of a Thousand Worlds GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Gift from cajunsun <3 LINEAGE: Dam: Loving Glances x Sire: Burndt Marshmallow - (Shadow Walker x Aegis [Enraged]) zry1S NAME: Z'ryis GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: Caveborn Snow Zq5hs NAME: Z'e Patinated Winter GENDER: Male ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: Nisura Sedai x Sire: Clive Tecken - (Copper [Green] x Winter Magi)
  14. So far as the unclaimed prizes go, I don't really mind it, but I also wouldn't mind going around again to continue gifting eggs until all the prizes have been claimed.
  15. Anything but Drakes works for me - I never see many of those, of any species. I do think there should be a minimum number collected - perhaps 50 is sensible? I do donate at least one Holly to the contest every year, ever since I've had Holly offspring to offer
  16. I'm struggling to decorate, because it freezes with certain items xP
  17. Wahya

    Z Project

    ZadrL NAME: Z'ephir GENDER: Male ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: (T7Uuc) x Sire: (qQ6Hv) - (White x Aegis [Pacified]) ZUhjU NAME: Z'e Freakiest GENDER: Female ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: Mrs Disc Freaky x Sire: Mr Disc Freaky - (PB Black) Z57bc NAME: Z'e Azure Glacewing GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: Caveborn Azure Glacewing ZqrEd NAME: Z'olt GENDER: Male ORIGIN: AP Catch or Cave Grab LINEAGE: Caveborn Bolt z0DI0 NAME: Z'0di0 GENDER: Genderless ORIGIN: Cave Grab LINEAGE: Unbreedable - Cheese Z0x6J NAME: Z'e Alternate Gourd GENDER: Male ORIGIN: AP catch, I believe. LINEAGE: Dam: Sunshine Broker x Sire: Flaming Filling - (Magelight Pygmy x Pumpkin) ZhMQt NAME: Z'ero Kiryuu GENDER: Male ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: "Caveborn" Vampire zoWWc NAME: Z'ocalo Nakaw GENDER: Male ORIGIN: AP Catch if I remember right. LINEAGE: Dam: Melvira Nakaw WP x Sire: Tarinthius Nakaw WP - (PB Turpentine) z5HsL NAME: Z'e Dark GENDER: Female ORIGIN: AP Catch LINEAGE: Dam: Pegib x Sire: (RQWii) - (PB Black)
  18. This has been a very productive holiday for me. I added 11 frozen S1 Wrapping Wings to my growing collection <3 I named them all quickly too
  19. GORGEOUS wings, and I love his expression <333
  20. I can't remember if I've ever posted in this thread before, but regardless I agree that limits should be removed. To me, they are no longer valid or necessary (if they ever were in the first place). In fact, the old limit of only being able to own 2 kept me from breeding mine as much in the past, and I was never really excited for Valentine's Day or Christmas here during that time (both sentiments seem to go against the whole idea of both holidays being about giving more dragons than receiving).
  21. I said "Wow!!!" audibly when I saw the S2's! Loving the details!
  22. I loved everything I got, but my two favorite gifts are a Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches (I REALLY needed a new keyboard, and this was the one I wanted), and a necklace my cousin made me that has a dopamine molecule as the charm (I suffer from severe depression, so it's a very personal and thoughtful gift) <3 The best gift I gave was sending a little girl in a third world country to school for a year in my mother's name (and it only costs $58, not to mention the charity is accredited by the BBB and a few other watchdog groups, so I feel that the money will actually go where it's supposed to). She cried when she read it along with the note I included.
  23. I couldn't agree more! This was a wonderful year for everyone involved I can't wait to see which dragon is selected for 2017!
  24. I can't find Gladys anywhere xPPP Also, there's a TSUNAMI PLUSH!?!?!? -is in 7th heaven-